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There are 'high class white collar' Criminals, then there are the really 'SLEAZY' type Criminals.     You decide.
The BOND Obama was trying to sell using the Freedom Funds as collateral was in the amount of 40 Trillion Dollars with the funds payable to himself rather than our Country.
WE hear the DEMOCRATS have demanded his resignation by 8 p.m. tonight and say they will Impeach when they return from recess if he does not do so. He says he will not resign and 'they' will not Impeach because their names are on the attempt to use the Freedom Recipients Funds as Collateral for the Bond. 'They' say they didn't sign any such thing.
He says "I have your signatures".
Lets see now, the Freedom Participants signatures were FORGED, the China signatures were FORGED, the Congress's signatures were FORGED. 
Makes a fellow wonder 'whets next'?
The GENERALS are said to be wondering this morning 'when is the next shoe going to drop' in these updates.
The time table will be at our discretion Gentlemen, not yours. Stand by, its coming.
                     casper   4-1-10   #2