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A question for OBAMA et al.......
When did Freedom Participants sign off on their funds to be used as collateral for the HUGE Health Care Bond you have been trying to float in Switzerland?
Yes he did. First he tried to use future healthcare income to his new Communist Government as collateral (see Story update from last week) but that was rejected. Then he submitted forged signatures of all Freedom Participants as replacement collateral. The Swiss said no.
Then he tells China they must give him the money for the HUGE Healthcare Bond and says he has appropriate signatures from China guaranteeing same. He was told if he had any such signatures they were forged.
Pay attention.
                             casper   3-31-10   #4
PS: Obama promised Sarkozy a big portion of the funds from the money from China for the health care bond..
Sarkozy needless to say is pissed.  That's with a capitol "P".