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   Today begins with several of the Countries Representatives currently in D.C. re-stating their statements from last night "the packs have been retrieved from the World Court people and are back out for delivery today".
WE happen to have "eyes on" and therefore know they are lying, the packs are still in D.C. this morning.
The names on the stolen Stimulus Money accounts are beginning to leak out and include the heads of some of the Countries which explains their current subterfuge and lies.
Moreover, WE have learned this morning that a continuous effort is being made to break into the 'frozen and seized' "trading accounts". No luck, they are locked down tight. Obama and the Supreme Court are promising the Countries referred to herein a major share of this "if-come" money if they will continue assisting the sabotage, another reason why they were lying last night and again this morning.
                      casper   3-26-10  a.m.