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WE have been curious this afternoon why Obama, given our expectation of immediate deliveries, has been so upbeat and consistently arrogant. Now WE know.
The deliveries have once again been stopped and the packs once again returned to D.C. where they are right now. The World Court is acting as "head saboteur" today. After saying they were tracking the packs to their intended destinations throughout this day, the head Justice of the World Court, presently in D.C., is suddenly saying they now have possession and will not let them go. Also, it is the Court which was to have by now released to the public the names on the 135 accounts containing the stolen Stimulus Money and hidden in Europe. Now he says he will not release those names. Also, after WE located the packs in D.C. as they were supposed to be nearing their destinations this afternoon, he then tried to blame today's sabotage on 'family members' who, by the way, had already been recalled to China.  
Nothing but lies leading us to question who exactly has been responsible for previous recent daily sabotage.
AS the ever so deeply buried 'trade accounts' were uncovered and seized 48 hours ago in addition to the 135 stolen Stimulus Money Accounts guess what? One of the seized accounts had been set up secretly by the World Court which was trading the funds for themselves.  They, specifically the head Justice (Japan) is holding the packs hostage in an attempt to retrieve the proceeds from the illegal trades going back as much as eight years.
This Bastard is presently saying no one can overrule him. The Countries are saying otherwise. They say the packs will come back out and will be delivered and the names on those accounts will be released to the American people which will likely have a dramatic affect on Obamas attitude and arrogance.
                 casper   3-25-10