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  After additional difficulties this morning which there is no sense going into, the packs were again retrieved and ordered out around noon today for delivery tonight. The World Court and the Countries were told deliveries tonight.
Tonight WE located the packs in D.C. and advised Those Concerned.
Word from the Supreme Court was that the packs "would never leave D.C. again and we can forget about ever seeing them."
The orders to the Couriers from the Supreme Court were verbal and of course the couriers complied. The orders were given by a clerk of the Court because THE TRUE CULPRIT, JOHN ROBERTS, DIDN'T HAVE THE GUTS TO DO IT HIMSELF.
He didn't want his name associated with the order and didn't want the world to know he was responsible for issuing the order. WE hear he is now up to his ass in Alligators.
This situation will not stand. Be calm, be patient.
                  casper   3-22-10