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Because of the orders issued by the Courts as described in last nights update WE went to bed optimistic about today's events and outcomes.
Instead the situation has deteriorated even beyond events reported in this mornings update with all or part of the Supreme Court bowing to Obama's orders. The packs, thought to be out for delivery late today, have been located inside the Supreme Court.
Specifically, Judge Sotomayor, when informed today that she works for the people responded that she does not work for the people, that she takes her orders from Obama who put her in office. Recall past and similar problems with Roberts and his loyalty to orders from Bush rather than his oath.
As various pressures are being brought upon the Court by the other Countries which can not be paid until we receive, Sotomayor and the Court are telling the Countries to stop their bitching and moaning, to shut their mouths, that there is "not a damn thing they can do about the situation".  
Now that the packs have been located they will again be retrieved immediately. That is not the problem. The problem is that all carriers big and small have been ordered by Obama not to touch them and when they do they receive Executive Orders to hand them over to Obama's agents so the merry-go-round continues to go around.
WE do hope you are watching the Communist takeover of your country today on national television. The fact that 40% of you do not understand what is happening does not change things, it just makes it easier for them.
As you can observe from today's updates the situation is very serious and at a critical juncture. WE are reporting what the bad guys are doing. That does not mean the good guys have died and gone to heaven, just that the WAR rages on. Our opinions regarding the outcome as described here a thousand times have not changed.
More when possible.
                      casper   3-21-10  p.m.