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    This morning the situation remains intense and on going.
Obama, the House and the Senate continue to state that they rule this Country, that they don't give a damn what the Courts or the American people say or think, that the Constitution is a 200 year old G.D. piece of paper, that they put the Judges on the Courts, that they have been bought and paid for and they will do as instructed by them.
 Obama says no Court can charge him with anything, that he will do as he pleases and the American people had better get used to it.
Last nights update helped to trigger an immediate and severe response from around the world and within our own country. Additional planes landed overnight. Obama was advised our country is on the verge of revolution and that it might not be peaceful. He was reminded that Mussolini and Hitler also thought themselves invincible before Mussolini was shot and Hitler committed suicide. He replied that 'their' power, meaning his and the Congress's, is absolute and he further stated HE WOULD RATHER SEE THIS COUNTRY DESTROYED THAN TO RELINQUISH HIS POWER.
Unknown until this morning, the House and the Senate, believing it would never come to pass, had sat in on the meetings and approved all the controlling documents they and Obama are now refusing to honor.
The 40 Freedom packs previously delivered, as reported at the time, went to "friends of Obama" willing to turn those packs over to him. This adds 40 more counts of embezzlement. He is doing every conceivable thing to stop the new and the return to the Constitution. He says that charges of Embezzlement and/or Treason mean nothing to him. As WE have said before, this man belongs in an institution.
Great pressure is being brought to bear by the Nations and the Courts but the methods can not be reported here yet.
WE are not principals, WE are reporters. WE will continue to observe and report as events unfold.
                      casper   3-21-10  a.m.