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 WE suggest you sit down for this one.
In response to ongoing Sabotage by OBAMA many high level VIP's and dignitaries arrived overnight including the head of the World Court. They met with Obama in the White House around 11 a.m. today.
Previously signed agreements were discussed with the result that Obama said he would not honor the agreements he had signed, would not go along with various proposals made regardless of what he had signed and stated that deliveries and announcements would never be made.  
WE called to the attention of these visitors the fact that 40 Freedom Packs had been previously delivered satisfying the technical requirements for announcements.
After careful review and confirmation, determinations were made that language in the documents themselves justified a decision to move forward as if the Nesara Announcements had already been made. This "loop hole" in the documents previously signed by Obama, Bush, the Supreme Court, the World Court and the Nations said that if a certain period of time passed after deliveries and announcements were still being blocked things could proceed as if the announcements had been made. The 40 deliveries satisfied the technical need for deliveries to have been made and to proceed announcements and the orders issued today by the Supreme Court and the World Court satisfy the technicalities associated with the announcements.
At approximately 6 p.m. EST the House, the Senate and the Judiciary were notified by orders signed by the Supreme Court and the World Court that the Announcements had been made and they were to vacate their offices within 24 hours.
The House and the Senate, presumably via their leadership, advised the Courts they would not comply, that they make their own laws, that they don't give a damn what the Courts say and that they control the airwaves and the American people will never be allowed to know any of this. They said "we will not honor the agreements signed by Obama, the Courts and the Nations, we will do as we please and you can go to hell". The Judiciary had no response as the Supreme Court said "we are the Judiciary".
Obviously it is "showdown time"---again.
Additional news not being reported here at this time allows US to encourage you to relax and to get a good nights sleep.
                      casper   3-20-10 
p.s. further news and a more detailed explanation tomorrow.