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Papa Bear arrived Saturday midnight to supposedly straighten out Baby Bear, UPS and Obama. His first stop? The White House.
Yesterday he guaranteed deliveries last night only to change his story this morning saying they were finally out of D.C. for delivery late today.
It took a while but WE located the packs at UPS in Charlotte this afternoon.
Papa Bear, Rothschild Senior himself, was lying from the moment his feet hit the ground in the U.S.. There must be a mist in the air up there as all present start lying the moment they open their mouths.
No proof yet but it appears obvious his son, who was doing the illegal trades previously reported in partnership with Obama, was doing so with the old mans blessings.
He tried to blame associates for the second day in a row, a most obvious ploy to transfer blame.
It is equally obvious now that his sons who were sabotaging deliveries, trying to access the accounts and then trying to trade using the accounts as collateral are in fact "chips off the old block" and all are in partnership with Obama.
                    casper   2-22-10