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  Saturday: Mr. Fancy Pants himself arrived in the middle of the night last throwing his mouth around about how important he is and how everyone is to listen to him only and how he has brought 500 carrier personnel with him to get the job done and how he is ready to personally remove Obama from the White House for standing in the way. WE refer of course to "Red Shield" himself, Mr. Rothschild.
The pretext has been that the Gold Standard was not ready justifying delayed deliveries. Hokum. Pure Hokum. Scam, if you are unfamiliar with Hokum.
"They" have been relentless in their attempts to break the codes and access our accounts. "They" are Obama and his domestic allies, Li, Lee, Ying, Ling, Ty, the Queen, the German bankers and ROTHSCHILD himself. Having failed to access the accounts Rothschild placed two trades himself using our accounts as collateral intending to share the proceeds with Obama. Both trades sneaked through and funds were actually transferred to Obama at which point both trades were discovered and all funds confiscated before Obama could disburse them leaving all the above Dirty Rotten Scoundrels again throwing things and cursing us "peons", a regular occurrence the last few days. The Rothschild who arrived at midnight last night, the one referred to herein, in addition to trying to screw we program participants was also attempting to screw the other families members already on the scene in D.C..
He claimed he owns 70% of U.P.S. and was enforcing the rulings and fines against them. He claimed both before and after his arrival that he had told Obama to pack his bags "that he was gone". He claimed the 500 carrier personnel he brought with him would deliver the packs today. Lies, nothing but lies to everyone around the world before and after his arrival. He was personally assisting with blocking deliveries then and now.
'You have been BUSTED dude' just like all those before you and now the whole world knows who and what you really are.
Hold fast friends, action-reaction. Things are not nearly as bad as you might think. These delays and difficulties ARE BEING WORKED OUT.
                   casper   2-20-10