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Roberts has been stopping deliveries saying he is more powerful than the World Court, that he will not allow these deliveries to upset the Corporations control of our country, that he would show them who is boss and last night he had the packs sent to the Bank of America vaults in Charlotte. He said and he ordered that the packs never again leave there.
 Nevertheless the packs were removed from B.of A. before noon today for delivery tonight. The carrier, UPS, has been stalling the deliveries all afternoon blaming the weather and was given extensions from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. and again until 10 P.M..
At 8 P.M. the packs were still at their distribution facilities not moving toward us for delivery.
UPS thought the World Court and others presently in D.C. were bluffing when they were advised that huge fines and immediate FORECLOSURE would follow should they fail to deliver. They continued lying throughout the afternoon saying the packs were moving. Roberts was telling UPS he would get the fines, foreclosure and lawsuits stopped and squashed.
His attempts to do so have failed.
Immediate follow through on the warnings is underway, the fines, foreclosure and lawsuits (which have ALREADY BEEN ADJUDICATED) are proceeding with UPS now saying they can't pay such huge fines.
The expectation that it was all a bluff or that Roberts could intervene now has them in a drastic bind.
While this is going on as WE type, John Roberts is simultaneously attempting nine trades tonight.
This appears to be the final showdown between the D.C. Criminals and the world.
                    casper  2-5-10  P.M.