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with these matters.
The World Court is expected to rule later today or tonight. 
The majority are against OBAMA personally.
Do you remember with what the Supreme Court is being blackmailed? How easily you forget, or is it that you fail to take these updates seriously? Remember the "Ranch"? On Military Land outside Washington D.C., the subject of many previous updates? Where Politicians, Supreme Court Judges and many others went to indulge their unbelievably perverse sexual fantasies such as chasing down and raping children in the forest? It's on film as WE reported then. "We will co-operate" the Supreme Court now says, if you will burn the tapes. "What good would that do" was the reply, since there are now 500 copies not to mention the filmed truth regarding the D.C. Madam and her little black book. You remember her don't you? Her bogus "suicide by hanging" in Florida a couple of years ago?
Have you noticed the statements by Mr. Wayne Root, Columbia University Class of '83 like OBAMA, Political Science and Pre Law like Obama, "I never laid eyes on him" says Root. Me neither says George Stephanopoulos Class of '83 also. Me neither say 400 other students class of '83 so far interviewed by Fox News.
What are you kool-aid drinkers going to do when the irrefutable truth of his foreign birth as reported here so often hits the news? When you learn his whole life is a fabrication? That he is the worlds greatest CON-MAN? What should our Country do when Biden, Pelosi or Hillary amounts to "Out of the frying pan and into the fire"?
In the long run and for the sake of our Country all these recent delays may well be the best thing that could have happened. WE hear TPTB are no longer in the mood for any "deals" with these Criminals which might well have happened if they had co-operated months ago. Our Country is in desperate need of a "clean sweep down fore and aft". The truth, the whole truth, must be told. We the American People need an ice cold bucket of water thrown in our collective faces to wake us up. And now, due to circumstances, serendipity and the arrogance of the Criminals we are likely to get what we need most, a good bath using lye soap to help us wash the D.C. scum off of us once and for all.
Yes, the WAR continues and it is surely frustrating but the light switch is nearby and WE fully expect it to be flipped at any time.
Then ......Watch the cockroaches skedaddle.
                   casper   1-29-10   #3