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 Overnight the packs again ended up back in D.C.
After more than a hundred lawsuits were filed yesterday in the Supreme Court by the Countries and others OBAMA and the COURT are saying this morning they will never be delivered. He goes on to say, his words not ours, "if necessary the recipients will be taken out". He has ordered HLS, FBI, CIA, and Military to stop deliveries.
The World Court has ordered deliveries today and the packs are supposed to leave D.C. momentarily.
The Supreme Court is being BLACKMAILED by BUSH and says that under the circumstances they can do nothing, that they have no choice but to "go along". 
The FBI and the Military are supposed to protect the American people, it is Illegal for the CIA to operate inside the U.S. and HLS and Obama are at each others throats right now. The World Court says these are International Packages, they will be delivered and no one is to interfere.
The situation is way beyond intense. WE now wait to see which way the ball bounces next.
                   casper   1-29-10 #1
p.s. The Military NOW says they will do nothing to harm any American Citizen.
The Supreme Court NOW says "We control the media in this Country, we own them, they will do as they are told and none of the Info/Intell regarding this Court will be published"......
The packs have NOW left D.C.......