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  OPINION PIECE:  When Government imposes fees, fines or Taxes upon Business as OBAMA is currently proposing to do on the Banks it is We The People who will pay these cost as Businesses simply pass it on to their customers. This will be true for Government imposed increased Health Care Cost, Cap and Trade Taxes or any other Government mandated expense on Business as they use Businesses as a tax collector so that it becomes less visible to the people.
* The most insidious and invisible tax of all is called inflation. It is also caused by Government and Monetary Authorities and is a "taking" from the people with malice aforethought.
* U.S. Homes Sales in '09 were 23% lower than the "crash year" of '08 (NAR). Home values are now falling again (WSJ).
* Our Political Disaster is causing and leading our Economic Disaster. Government is bankrupting the country in the attempt to save itself. Congress is increasing the "debt ceiling" another two trillion right now. A reputable financial newsletter says the Fed is buying 80% of Treasury Debt at the weekly auctions in contradiction of Bernake's public statements ("we are not monetizing the debt"). Japan must borrow 428B this year, Italy 127B, the U.S. 1.3T, most other countries likewise.  Where? Thin Air. Can you say PONZI? 
* Bankruptcies in U.S. up 32% '09 over '08 in spite of "gonna chase you forever" changes in bankruptcy laws.
* Corporate Tax Receipts were down 55% for the year ended Sept. 30... 
 * The Incorporated Supreme Court Branch of the Incorporated U.S. Government says Corporations have the same Free Speech Rights (campaign contributions) as individuals. Baloney. It's been a long time since I last agreed with the Liberals.
* And, while I'm here in this strange place (agreeing with Liberals) Michelle Obama spoke to the Joint Armed Services Wife's Association luncheon Tuesday with a point by point presentation of Government initiatives to help Military Families. Outstanding.
* Speaking of Global Warming, the Sea Ice off the coast of China is 14" thick and covers the largest area in 40 years.
* After spending 1.9T his first year in office and increasing the budget 24% OBAMA will now freeze 17% of the budget at the increased levels for three years. Hail to Chief  foolemfast. And often.
* After giving the banks Trillions plus unlimited "free" money from the Fed and absorbing their toxic assets on behalf of the taxpayers OBAMA will now "fine" the banks 90B over ten years. What a joke. Forty percent of the American people swallow this silliness and ask old foolemfast for more.
* Catch a Terrorist, quiz him quick (50 minutes) and lawyer him up to shut him up? What else could explain this level of stupidity? Or is it Treason? Who appointed this IDIOT Eric Holder Attorney General? On yes, I remember.  
* Overnight Hillary says she will never again run for President and does not want a second term as Secretary of State. Whatdayathink? "Pants on the ground"?
* Five million homeowners are 90 or more days late with mortgage payments.
* The derivatives  are still there. Hundreds of Trillions worth. The banks are not marking anything to market which is longhand for FRAUD.
* Several months ago OBAMA used the MAYO CLINIC SYSTEM as an example of how Obamacare would work successfully. This week MAYO announced they lost 840M last year and will no longer accept Medicare Patients. All Presidents lie. OBAMA is in a class all by himself.
* Never forget, our Country's secret Military technology has been given to China by Clinton/Obama in return for temporary debt relief.
* Thirty nine (39) turns out to be the number of Social Security Numbers issued to Obama and Aliases.
* The Investment Banks (Wall Street) which became Commercial Banks with the help of the bribed Politicians, in order to skirt various laws, have gone right back to their previous "casino banking operations" which caused the crash of '08.  GREED again on the march. Disaster waits in the bushes as before.
* Loading our failures onto the backs of our children and grandchildren is beyond immoral, it is Un-American and just plain chicken s___.
* Losses in Stock Markets amounted to approximately 25T. We now have a Government sponsored/induced recovery approaching 50%. What happens when the monopoly money stops flowing? What happens to the value of your money if it does not stop flowing?
* What could be more sad than watching the interviews with farmers in California, now broke on the land their families farmed for generations, now have their water supplies cut off by Government Bureaucrats who desperately want to get their hands on your health care.
* OBAMA, as a pawn of Greenspan, Bernake, Geithner, Paulson, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and the Illuminati has chosen continuous unlimited credit expansion which will continue until you hear the siren wale "Thare She Blows". This decision buys the insiders time for another round or two of hundreds of Billions of bonuses.
* Have you noticed that OBAMA is on television every day? Often twice each day and many many times three times a day? Never in history. This man is truly in love with himself.
* Unemployment funds in 25 States are broke with many others on the brink. Pension Funds are 3.2T underfunded with no way to recover.
* After Massachusetts OBAMA's "pivot" was immediate. Suddenly he is a fiscal conservative, calls for investment in plants and equipment, a REPUBLICAN no less singing from the Republican Hymnal night and day. For the kool aid crowd its business as usual, more mighty fine ideas from the Messiah. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear it is a con-mans hypocrisy on display as never before. 43% of the American people say in a poll conducted recently they would vote for Obama in an election held tomorrow. God help us.
* STORY continues to sell "on the books trading" from London with tax accruals as appropriate. I say B.S.. There is no equity or justice in any system which allows exorbitant overnight profits for the financial elite while the average person works night and day to make a living. It is the trading itself which is a scam, not the location from where it is done.
* Be sure to read the post from "The Director" regarding the OITC. How very interesting. 
* Suddenly Volker stands with OBAMA. It's about time. Summers, et al  "under the bus"?  Has Obama gotten religion? Is he going to declare himself a Republican? Or is it just part of the "pivot" for public consumption? ( Volker stands for decoupling Proprietary Trading, Hedge Funds and Private Equity from depository institutions, a very good thing). Obama's policies are failing, he knows that and he is looking for a "savior" of his own. He is hoping to pull off a 'Bill Clinton' pretending to have changed his stripes after he and his agenda were soundly rejected in Massachusetts, a political earthquake.  
* What the Financial Sector has done, in Partnership with the Fed, Treasury and bribed Politicians is nothing short of Sedition. Treason. And now they are doing it all over again. Did you see Geithner and Paulson both testify this week (House) they had nothing to do with the 180B to AIG and the subsequent diversion of taxpayer funds to Goldman, UBS and others? What a joke. The only way to get away with this level of B.S. and corruption is to be sure you are testifying to a bribed audience or a bunch of stupid Congressmen.
* To Ft Hood now for the service for 13 murdered military personel. All on the stage saluting or hand over heart except one. Guess who. ( starts with an O).
* 30 Billion Square Feet empty Commercial Buildings in CHINA. Government orders banks to stop lending. England and the U.S. flat broke. Still they fight the new to preserve themselves in power.
* Be safe, Buy Food then Gold and Silver.
* All is well.     Big changes coming.     Open drapes.
                    casper   1-28-10