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As of 5 p.m. EST today the packs are still on the planes  sitting on the tarmac in D.C..
Of the "High Court Officials" from the Countries sent here to get the packs out four (4) have already been bribed and sent home. The rest think that if they hold out long enough they too will receive bribes but they are so far, WE hear, not satisfied with the amounts offered.
The funds for these bribes are being provided by the QUEEN (through CHINA) with some mention of the ROCKEFELLERS being involved.
They all say, as do the Countries, "this must be done" meaning deliveries.
They are lying, all of them have their hands out wanting their "cut" of the bribes.
OBAMA says "I have bribed every one of them, I control them and you will never receive".
These "High Court Officials", like OBAMA, say one thing and do the opposite. Some took the bribes, others are holding out for more money while the packs reside on the tarmac. The Countries say they want to be paid but are doing nothing to make it happen.
"THEY", led by OBAMA, say "We The People" will not come to D.C. demanding our property, the packs.
Is that right?
Is he right?
It appears we may have to take this step collectively.
WE have avoided this call to action for a long time now especially during the Holiday Season.
Certain groups have been clamoring for this action and have long since arranged for their buses. 300,000 people clamoring up the steps of Congress, the Supreme Court, the White House, etc. will make for quite a news event don't you think?
It's time now for you to begin to think very seriously about this and to discuss it with your various groups.
Understand please, massive participation will be necessary.
More later,
Casper   1-25-10