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CASPER #2: 1-18-09 OPINION PIECE (News at Top and Bottom

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Subject: casper 1-18-10 OPINION PIECE (News at top and bottom).
* The only thing WE can confirm regarding Haiti is that Hillary had funds stashed in the Bank there but by the time she arrived the funds had vanished.
* The massive embezzlement situation at Bundesbank continues. More than a thousand accounts were looted and lawsuits, we hear, will follow. This Banking situation is far far larger and more important than Haiti.
* The Auditors have now found their way to the QUEENS bank in Canada.
* Vast sums are missing from Royal Bank of Canada.  Looks like Bundesbank Redux.  
* The Banks and Wall Street are about to pay themselves another 148 B in bonuses.
* Meanwhile actual unemployment is between 17.3% (U-6) and 21.9% (shadow-stats). Full time jobs lost in December=647,000. Foreclosures in 2010 estimated to be between 7 and 10 million. Ten States are Bankrupt. Six million are on Foodstamps. By year-end one third to one half of all U.S. Mortgages to be underwater (upside down). Household asset values down 12 Trillion. Credit Contraction in November down 17.3%, the biggest one month fall in recorded history. The FDIC is broke. The crash in Commercial Real Estate is now underway. Detroit looks like a war zone. Mich., Calif.,&  Oregon unemployment approaching 25%.
* Recovery well underway says Obama, Geithner, Bernake and media pawns.
* Following Virginia and New Jersey Governorship loss's by Democrats, Kennedy Massachusetts Senate Seat in serious jeopardy as citizens in most liberal State in most liberal area of the country shout "NO" to 2100 page Healthcare Abomination.
* Why do they not listen to We The People? Because the CONTROL and DISTRIBUTION of TRILLIONS of Dollars gives them enormous additional power. Note that they have already arranged things so that Unions are exempted from Healthcare Taxes and Trial Lawyers scam lawsuits remain fully protected (no tort reform). Louisiana gets 300M for it's vote and Nebraska Citizens exempted from fees FOREVER. And second, required monthly payments of several hundred dollars per month (average) coming in from every citizen nationwide, not to mention enormous cash flow coming from business's, gives them unencumbered cash flow to Securitize and sell without the previous problem of underlying asset deflation (sub-prime mortgages). With no benefits to be paid out for four years this charade is a money raising and new derivatives event more than a health care event.
* With most of the world in a deep freeze with some areas setting records for low temperatures month after month the U.N. calls for Copenhagen to be implemented via Treaties immediately (by-passes need for citizens approval in all countries). It's all about money not climate. International Taxation for the U.N. and profit for the elites who initiated this scam and new Derivatives (cap and trade) for Wall Street and The City. The U.S. Corporate Gov't. is a full participant in this scam.
* Having provided Trillions to Freddie, Fannie, Jenny, AIG, Banks, Wall Street, TARP, TALF, etc.etc.etc. Treasury now scheduled to borrow (or monetize through the Fed) 1.8T this year and similar next ten years. Do you realize how much a T is? It is a monstrous amount of money (one thousand Billion). 1.8T-for ten years-billed to generations of taxpayers. Your children and grandchildren saddled with all of it while those responsible served more ice cream. Existing and greatest Debt Crisis in history being magnified many times over rather than allowing the corrupt and incompetent to fail. This is "Crony Capitalism", incest, bribery, corruption, theft and fraud on such a massive scale most can't comprehend. This IS NOT the kind of Capitalism on which America was built but is, rather, the Fiat Fanatics struggling to preserve their Fraudulent Financial Playpen and to remain in power even if it results in destruction of the real economy and generations of debt slavery for We The People.
* The lies pouring forth from D.C. and their paid for talking heads is MOPE, "Management of Perspective Economics" (Sinclair) and includes all reports and statistics emanating from D.C.. These frauds are led by Obama, Helicopter Ben, Geithner and the D.C. Politicians who are aided and abetted by Fraudulent Accounting Practices in the Banks. The "silk purse from a sow's ear" being sold to the American people is a lie and a FRAUD.
* Obama's policies will result in the destruction of the dollar, increased prices for everything, fees, taxes, mandatory insurance premiums, etc. which guarantees destruction of Americas middle class which is well down the road already.  
* As all the above unfolds simultaneously, disclosures, exposures and arrest are pending. Reaction may be a crashing stock market in spite of the Govt. induced and dramatic asset reflation underway now. The Old Ways have failed miserably but its a secret, you and your perspective are "managed" don't you see. The New is a great unknown and yet it is the greatest hope for avoiding catastrophic economic outcomes rushing toward us. Neither people or nations can spend their way to prosperity. The increasing national debt service cost will explode upwards as debt is added at 1.8T annually and rates rise which will be necessary to attract foreign financing of the debt. All available credit will be guzzled by Gov't. leaving business and consumers without. "We Saved The World" shout the Liars into every available microphone as the people suffer and fall further and further behind not yet realizing how serious things are going to get as a consequence of the politicians meddling and window dressing and attempting to dam the river of normal and constructive economic cycles. They act like children playing with a coat hanger and an electrical outlet.
* "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America" said Obama. Do you now see what he meant? He meant the destruction of Capitalism and Freedom in favor of a "Change" to Socialism/Communism/Centralized Control and defacto nationalization of this, that and the other. Fortunately the people are beginning to wake up. His approval ratings after one year in office are lower than any President in modern history but he and his insane allies still hold the reins and they are guiding our wagon over the cliff.
* Obama has surrounded himself with Radicals and Extremist any one of which would have been tarred and feathered had he shown his face 20 years ago. Every American should be required to read aloud the public statements made by these insane left wing zealots so they can finally understand they are getting exactly what they were promised by the most far left Politician in the previous Congress, Barry Sotoro, who was not born in the U.S. (intell sources) and has thirty something different Social Security Numbers and still refuses to release any of a wide variety of personal records normal for any President. Will the real Social Security Number please stand up? You still don't care? Then you deserve what you are getting but do your children and grandchildren? Because of YOUR apathy and blindness? No they do not. From MAO White House Christmas Tree Ornaments to Men/Boys sex promotion by one Czar to Homosexual Sex Education for pre-schoolers by another, what Obama is doing goes far beyond his personal activities as President. He is allowing, he is promoting, through surrogates, all manner of perversions and unAmerican activities without any regard to "our business" which he has blocked in every imaginable way for such a long time it is amazing that any participant in any program with any legitimate contact anywhere does not by now know the truth of this matter. 
* Obama has now achieved three "Firsts" as President:
1) The first President in 110 years not to attend the Army Navy football game. 
2). The first President IN HISTORY not to attend any Christmas Religious Observation (what does that tell you?).
3). The first President to remain on vacation after a terrorist attack.  
* The above describes my opinion of our President, our Country and the World as it exist at this moment. What happens when you trip the light switch in a dark room? Everything changes immediately and completely doesn't it? That's what WE expect to happen, not that all will be peaches and cream overnight or even soon. But Dracula, the Beast, the Swamp Creature, the Corporation, the blood sucking Fed and the corrupt D.C. Establishment will have been overcome. And "enlightenment" on many fronts will follow. And then it will be up to us, We The People, to run with the ball and the Constitution returned to us by some miracle we don't yet fully understand.
                   casper   1-18-10    Opinion
p.s. News has arrived while typing the above saying HEADS UP for tomorrow. Really. No fooling.