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----- Original Message -----
From: TJ
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 5:31 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10



 I have emailed before offering my services to you and your site and now I am writing to offer to Casper the same services.  I own a company that has multiple software programmers working for me.  Between them, they know most languages.

 Patrick, I again ask you a question I asked once before an got no response which in the very least raises my eyebrows to the legitimacy of any of these packs.  I want to believe and still do. 

 Being a business owner it is a simple common sense question.  Feel free to forward this next part to Casper if you are not able to answer it:

 My question about these packs is simple.  No matter what \"IT\" is in the world, there usually is a \"Owner\" of \"IT\" and the \"Owner\" has documentation of ownership of the \"IT\".  With these packs, it would seem to me that all this hassle of cashing them in could be avoided by having the original issuer reissue new packs to their rightful owners therefore bypassing the CORP and their cronies. (Unless all of this drama is simply a ploy or tool to roust up all opposition to the Corp through these venues)I am not implying this but hey I have learned anything is possible.

 Now that simple question could be blown off as \"You just don\'t understand\" but then again is that not why this country is in its position because we did not truly  understand all the shenanigans or were not told.  Please enlighten us to this simple question I have asked. 

 Having been through a total BS fed court case with the CORP, I understand that all that has gone on is/was the CORPS MO.  I just would like to know why the issuer of these packs cant reissue and honor from here the payouts and cancel the old packs.  Kinda like writing a check and putting a stop payment on the original check and cutting a new one - pretty dang simple to me.

 Patrick, maybe you know the answer maybe you don\'t.  If not please forward to Mr. Casper and ask for me and tell him I would like to meet him soon - he knows me I am told.  I would like to visit soon with you also.  I was raised and born in RC SD and graduated from Hill City High School and know a lot of business people in RC still today.

 Letter is meant sincerely for the sake of all involved.  I will help if I can but the help alert is so vague as to what Kind of help and how - in the software world.


 Attention all you geeks, programmers and computer experts: tell us how to get around this problem so we can pass it on to the dummies in D.C..


FROM:  Anne Bellringer

      TO:  TJ

DATE:  Jan. 13, 2009


Dear TJ:

    We forwarded your letter to Casper.  Below is his response to you.


                            Anne Bellringer

(Reply to TJ from Casper)

----- Original Message -----
From: Casper
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:16 PM
Subject: Fw: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10
For Mr. TJ:

Good Morning.

If your previous letter found its way to me and  I didn't answer its because we see the same question(s) day after day, month after month and it gets to the point we just can't communicate with tens of

thousands of questioners and get anything else done.We put the answers  in an update. Then people miss the update for whatever reason and assume we  avoided the question.It's archived at Fourwinds of course but people are to  lazy to go find it, its so much easier for them to just keep on sending questions.

The content of the packages has been changed on occasion for  various reasons not least of which has been multiple events of tampering by the bad guys. Packs have been, at various times, at each of these locations multiple times; Regional Distribution Points, Treasury, Royal Bank of Canada, Homeland Security, B.of A. Charlotte, Ft Benning Georgia, Carlyle, The White House, etc..

The fight over the physical packages is important as  their delivery triggers the next step which is announcements. As that tug-o-war continued there were always parallel problems which would have

precluded delivery such as illegal movement and/or theft of funds, preparation of announcements, ongoing "entrapment stings" to learn exactly which individuals and institutions were blocking the big picture, serious struggles among world leaders, overcoming the Presidents insulation provided  by Emergency and War Powers, Sabotage of the process by big banks worldwide  and outside the U.S. specifically Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland,  England and more, serious and recurring legal battles at the World Court and  the Supreme Court, bribery here, there and everywhere which

had to be  overcome, new banking system in place and ready for announcements, formal  takedown of the Fed Res, take down of the Corporation of U.S., and on and on  and on I could type. It is all tied together, comes down at the same time  and has enemies around the world fighting around the clock to protect the  status quo and their money and power positions therein. It was/is necessary  to overcome all aspects of these problems otherwise "they" would have used the Patriot Act and their position as Dictators to arrest we recipients or at the very least to seize the funds. It is even more complicated as Sovereign Creditors vs. Sovereign Debtors are involved.

Our funding is only the tail of the dog although the way things have been structured it is our funding which kicks everything off visibly, publicly. When things are ready and moving but are blocked it is necessary to stop everything and handle the  problems which are, on occasion, interference with the actual delivery itself. Then it is necessary to overcome the reluctant carrier, their union,  their owner (Carlyle usually) AND to fix the problem at the source which is the White House or the Military or Homeland Security before starting again.

By then someone has shuffled the funds again, or another Trustee has been bribed, or a bank such as Paribas or Deutsche has sabotaged the download of funds. Then security codes get stolen or illegally used. And on and on it went for years. I am just scratching the surface here. It is being handled by the most powerful financial players in the world who are the only ones who can do so. Its been a long hard slog made far more difficult than anticipated due the "victory or death" position of those to be arrested, jailed and exposed.

Today the packs are again out for delivery and the problems again overcome and squashed but its an hour by hour proposition and no one can guarantee they will arrive today as scheduled.This is the  flipping of the world on its head and those who have "owned the world" for two hundred years via England then another hundred years through America (Fed Res) will do anything, even another 9-11, to avoid their loss and all its ramifications.I hope this helps you to understand not that I understand  every single thing myself.

I realize this is not a complete answer but  because the packs are enroute right now I'm giving you the short version.