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Poor casper, woe is me.
 Now the QUEEN is cursing a blue streak with Casper and "WE" on the receiving end (this is not the first time).
"Casper is a son-of-a-bitch. How did he find out what I am doing? It's none of his G.D. Business."  yadda yadda yadda.
She spent the day trying to raid accounts all over the world especially in China and Taiwan. She says we "are trying to run her off her throne".  No madam, you are doing that to yourself.
Remember friends, Presidents and Royalty do not bother to curse 'ignorant' peasants.
Every country in the world is now on her butt like stink on an ape.
She and Obama really should stop this Casper bashing and get out of the way. And, your ladyship, you would just love my mother.
             Casper  1-12-10  #2
P.S.: This situation is being/has been dealt with. Heads up.