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Regarding Story's Sunday update specifically and his recent updates generally I would rather not have to spend the time commenting and to just continue to let him wallow in his own ignorance HOWEVER because he has now said that program participants are ponzi victims and have been "criminalized" themselves via their participation in the programs and are wittingly or unwittingly participants in his Operation Stillpoint Gobbledegook and are therefore assisting in a planned take down of the United States by BUSH and his allies I find it necessary to respond for the sake of everyone's understanding, peace of mind and sanity. Sometimes it is necessary to confront ignorance and stupidity head on even when we have better things to do. Somethings can not be allowed to go unchallenged.  
First, let me say again WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING and for that reason we very seldom comment about other messengers updates even when they fancy themselves "holier than thou" or of a "higher station" than "us" as WE realize it is very possible, even likely, that others do know things WE don't know.
Second, let me give you the short version of everything that follows;
As far as WE are concerned 50% of everything STORY writes is pure hokum bull crap and of the remaining 50% he mis-understands, mis-interprets and falsely reports half of that.
Third, his "sources", according to our sources, are basically Obama/CIA dispensers of disinformation along with their assorted flunkies.
Fourth, WE remind you that we tackled this subject (of Story's lack of knowledge of "our business") at great length once before pointing out for the record as it existed at that time the many false interpretations and assumptions which go into his "chain of thought". "Garbage in garbage out" we said at the time. The same false thinking continues into his recent reports. His "garbage" has not been dumped or corrected. He continues to stack bricks on a house resting on sand.
Fifth, WE quoted him then as saying he intends to write a book, a best seller he surely thinks, a book no doubt chock full of boogie men defeated by the super hero. And, WE pointed out that his 'book to be' was already filled with fantasies and fictions growing like wild weeds in his own mind and that unless he did a course correction soon you should shop for his book at the supermarket checkout stand.
Sixth, WE pointed out then and do so again now that if one has, via intense investigation over time, been in a position to know a great many things about "our business" it is not at all difficult to observe Story's primary M.O. (method of operation) which is to spend 20 or 30 pages building a "strawman scenario", another five pages tearing down that which existed only in his mind and a final few pages patting himself on the back for another "save the world job well done". After many years of this one has constructed a large book filled with nonsense suitable only for those not privy to the years of falsehoods and/or mis-interpretations upon which the final product is based.    
Seventh, WE have often deferred to Story's seemingly superior knowledge of Geo-Political Relationships, Treaties and the like, especially those in Europe and those concerning the Bush/DVD/Nazi/Deutsche Bank intell he has provided and complemented him on his apparent knowledge of these subjects. WE. on the other hand, have generally reported only about "our business" with occasional forays into domestic economic or political commentary clearly identified as "opinion pieces".  We also compliment him today for his admirable defense of the Christian Religion. It is when he ventures into discussion of his analysis of and the funding of "our business" he goes astray and he is still in the wilderness even at this late hour.
Eighth, WE pointed out that Cottrell was not misinforming STORY regarding U.S. Securities Law, specifically The Prudent Man Rule which STORY continues to refer to and rely upon. WE said then that Casper was also a Licensed Securities Broker/Dealer in a previous business incarnation, that the laws are being quoted accurately but do not apply to our circumstances and we explained why. Years later he continues to build upon that which was false in the first place.  
Ninth, we noted that STORY is years late to the subject of "our business" and like some others we won't bother to name again he then proceeds to present himself as an authority on matters he knew nothing about at that time and has obviously learned very little about since.
Tenth, one does not need to be physic to deduce that his current primary concern is Cottrells "line item payment" in the funding process and whether he/they? will be paid. Is Cottrell about to go the way of Wanta? Does this justify Story's false remarks that program participants have been "criminalized"? STORY says no one talked to Cottrell.... B.S. which is short for bullshit.  I talked to him. Me. Personally. And found him to be even more arrogant and full of himself than is STORY. Of course Cottrell didn't know he was talking with Casper, not that it would have made any difference. As Story's A Number One Primary Source STORY is a mouth piece for Cottrell as he once was for Wanta and is at the mercy of Cottrell's interpretations and mis-interpretations of matters such as those discussed herein.  
It's a shame, really, that someone who obviously works very hard at his craft feels such a need to be all things to all people on all subjects at all times. It would not have been all that difficult to find the error's in his analysis had he desired to do so. His tardiness to the truth of OBAMA's sabotage of funding and deliveries is an excellent example of his many mis-interpretations of relevant facts. Without knowledge of this foundational truth how can one aspire to correct analysis? Realize please that even if some kind of last minute face saving deal were to be allowed for Obama by TPTB it would not change the history of sabotage by him. (WE expect no such "deal"). Also, WE pointed out that our many contacts in Europe and the Far East have volunteered on numerous occasions that they no longer bother to read his writings as he was so often so very far "off base". WE don't solicit such remarks, they just come up in conversation.
Again I would like to say that every one of us who have worked to bring updates to recipients, or to the public at large in his case, have been fooled many times by the professional dis-info experts and that is just a pitfall that comes with real time reporting. Holding onto falsehoods for years is another matter.
Suggesting, as he did yesterday, that program participants fall into the various categories of ponzi's described by him is simply false. He makes it clear with his own words that he knows nothing about our packages or our accounts and there are literally dozens of other comments made by him over time which have alerted "us" real quick and without doubt that when he ventured into commentary about "our business" that he was completely lost and grasping at straws. His attitude that if he does not know about this or that it therefore is not real is appalling, arrogant and stupid and reminiscent of others who arrived late to "our business" telling us how smart they are. His comments that program recipients are helping to overthrow their country are even more stupid. We, you and I, are helping to retrieve our Country from the Corporate Fascist Bastards who stole it, not the other way around. The same is true regarding his lack of knowledge of the years his QUEEN spent helping BUSH and GREENSPAN sabotage funding. There are no less than 50 casper updates archived at Fourwinds reporting the Queens sabotage efforts week after week, month after month just as we do today regards Obama and Bush Jr. before him. Who does he think "knighted" these corrupt bastards at her castle in Scotland? And why? Because they were all in bed together for years before the rats began to eat each other. Those updates were not based on hearsay. More often than not we had "friends in the room". "WE" were talking directly to the QUEEN on her bedside telephone for years, met her at airports and meetings during her secret trips to the U.S. and had "friends" reporting her movements to us from Buckingham. REMEMBER? All you "Johnny Come Lately's" regularly showing your blind ignorance on various web-sites daily should, like STORY, go and read the facts as they unfolded at the time archived at Fourwinds. And also remember please that WE were doing updates on these subjects several times weekly for program participants for years before they became public on Fourwinds. All this difficult and expensive work was triggered by the death of almost two dozen program participants known to casper personally and included the suicide of his best friend.  Nor does STORY seem to know squat about the new banking and monetary system, subjects he has avoided other than occasional references to the new Basle Regulations. Neither does he seem to know about or understand the suspension of the American Constitution via Roosevelt's Emergency Banking Executive Orders or anything at all about the Emergency and War Powers by which our Country is presently controlled by the Corporate Criminals in D.C. all of which is necessary to any serious analysis of the why and wherefore of unfolding events. He is not simply ignorant of these things, he is Willfully Ignorant. One of our nations foremost experts on these subjects contacted him and attempted to enlighten him about these matters so critical to any understanding of the big picture. I refer to your friend "S" who is still in exile for exposing the truth on Fourwinds for all to see. STORY didn't want to hear it, he already knew everything there was to know. STORY calling the Criminals in D.C. arrogant is the pot calling the kettle black. My gosh, have you ever seen such arrogance? If anything should ever happen to him, god forbid, the medical examiner should first check to see if the cause of death was an exploding ego. His recent update regarding the 1.3T to the intell boys is still another example of his misleading, incomplete and mis-interpreted intell. Attempts to steal or move money, in this instance by Hillary and her allies who work for Obama, is a never ending proposition (until recently). The money is always immediately recovered as it was in this case. That was a week ago. Have you seen any correction of his false conclusions in subsequent updates? Moreover, the methods used by the criminals to temporarily accomplish such acts have now been shut down permanently. Where is that news in Story's updates? If WE made a HEADLINE ISSUE of it every time money was moved or stolen there would have been hundreds of additional updates but to him this rather common occurrence was a major headline or a new chapter for his book if you like.    
Could it be that his sudden concern about non-payment of Cottrell's line item settlement has caused him to resort to such intensely stupid remarks that program participants have been "criminalized"? Whatever his motivations this kind of garbage can not be allowed to stand. WE could spend hours correcting Story's mis-information, truly we could. But to what end? He is way to full of himself to learn anything and there is more important work calling this morning so let me end this the way it began
Our intell says 50% of what STORY reports is completely false and of the remaining 50% he mis-interprets half of that and "blowing up" his personal mis-interpretations into 20 or 30 pages of unnecessary verbiage does not change the underlying falsehoods.
                    casper   1-11-10
p.s. More good guys have arrived, more bad guys found out and removed, possession of the "non-existent" packs now in the hands of the good guys and so now therefore once more as heretofore put your teeth in and your eyes on.
p.p.s. Recent SABOTAGE by OBAMA and THE MING was aided and abetted by THE ENGLISH JUDGE ON THE WORLD COURT. I wonder who was controlling him? STORY has plenty of knitting needing to be done closer to home. The world would benefit from such an effort.