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As reported yesterday the packs were retrieved from Homeland Security but are back in D.C. this morning. The FBI, instead of sitting idly by and failing to do their job as they have been, have now thrown in with OBAMA, the CIA, HLS, CLINTON, THE MING and the D.C. CORPORATION actively helping to block deliveries. The overarching reason for this intransigence by all the Corporate Criminals in D.C. is, as WE have explained before, SELF PRESERVATION. Saving themselves from exposure of a laundry list of criminal activities. Saving their totally corrupt Fraudulent Financial Playpen. Saving the Corporation they work for. Saving the status quo. Precluding a return to the Constitution which puts them out of business. 
"THEY", led by OBAMA, have been trying to break into accounts all over the world containing significant sums of money such is their desperation. Mafia accounts. Muslim accounts in Switzerland. The Saudi's accounts. The Vatican's accounts and even the World Courts accounts. Accounts from Liechtenstein to China to Russia and many others. Their attempted "Great Train Robbery" which continued overnight has failed on all fronts.
The FBI has been advised by the World Court that upon delivery they too will be arrested which is the immediate reason for their assisting OBAMA in blocking deliveries. They, like the others, have been caught red-handed trying to help access the accounts of others including our accounts. All of these CRIMINALS, acting collectively and now joined by the FBI, say they will arrest anyone trying to make deliveries.
There are many "International Marshalls" present. Again they say they must have some deliveries before they can start arresting the bad guys.
It boils down to the corrupt Corporation of the UNITED STATES and ALL its Employees, Departments and Agencies vs. the entire world.
The fight continues even today and the consequences for the D.C. Criminal Class led now by OBAMA could not be greater.
WE await further developments.
                       casper  1-10-10