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So, you think you have a reasonable understanding of the corruption in D.C.?
WE previously reported Hillary Clinton's participation in moving certain packs into the White House where cash and other items were removed. The FBI now has definitive proof of her involvement in the EMBEZZLEMENT of funds represented by the packs and IS REFUSING TO ARREST HER. They are afraid of her. Our storied and formally most elite Domestic Law Enforcement Agency is afraid to arrest a known D.C. POLITICAL CRIMINAL caught red handed in the act of EMBEZZLEMENT. Where is Elliot Ness when we need him. Perhaps we could find a dog catcher willing to take over the FBI. In addition to the removal of cash from certain packs Hillary, her several assistants and Eva Teleki tried to access accounts represented by Cashiers Checks taken from the packs. HER FINGERPRINTS AND THOSE OF EVA TELEKI ARE ON THE CARDS NOW IN POSSESSION OF THE FBI. They did get into some of the accounts. Hillary says she is beyond reach and can not be charged. The CIA has ordered the FBI to back off. The CIA has no domestic law enforcement authority. OBAMA, PANETTA, HILLARY AND BILL GATES have ordered the FBI to back off. Do you now see how deep and wide spread the corruption in D.C. really is? The BIG DOG CIA, working for OBAMA and the others has just pee'd in the face of the puppies at the FBI who are now looking for a couch to crawl under.
WE know more than we are reporting at this time. If necessary WE will reveal still more.
In spite of the above, once again, heads up.
                     casper   12-28-09
p.s. It was EVA TELEKI, working for Hillary and Obama who was flying around signing papers and pretending to be Obama's deceased mother.