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Regarding the Japanese, ----Friends,...Here we go again.
When the Japanese Prime Minister and The Japanese head of The World Court arrived in the U.S. ten or more days ago, I forget, to "help get deliveries out" their "True Purpose and True Orders" were to block and stall deliveries by any and all means possible.
When this was discovered a call was made to Japan calling for the Japanese Emperors presence in the U.S. and he arrived last week as previously reported. In direct communications with him, he stated over and over again, that he had helped get the packs out for delivery. This went on several days in a row. He was lying while doing all possible to stall and block deliveries each day by any and all means possible.
WHY? It traces back to a TREATY signed at the end of WW II making himself and the other Japanese Leaders SUBORDINATE to other Authorities. Some reports say subordinate to Financial Authorities, others say to U.S. Government Authority.
He has, like the other Japanese stalling and blocking before him, now been removed and terminated from any participation in our business.
This Intel has now been confirmed beyond doubt.
                  casper   12-15-09