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WE were asked to hold our fire the last few days and did so as we perceived it to be in everyone's best interest.
WE think it would also be in everyone's best interest if we continued to point out OBAMA'S ongoing appointments of Idiots, Clowns, Communist and Perverts to the highest offices in the land, but there are other fish to fry tonight.
Picking up where we last left off, after the Japanese Prime Minister was caught the Chief Justice of the World Court, also Japanese, was caught sabotaging deliveries and working for OBAMA in return for huge promised pay-offs. After that the Ming who were in D.C. to facilitate completion were also caught working for and following the instructions of OBAMA. They were replaced by higher level Ming who came in Wednesday night and packs were again ordered out only to be (confiscated)* by HLS on OBAMAS orders and they were returned to D.C.. Thursday mid day the Japanese EMPEROR arrived in the U.S. to help the newly arrived Ming saying Japan's corrupt representatives had stood in the way of deliveries far too long and for the sake of the American and Japanese people he is here to help bring this to a successful conclusion.
Meanwhile, from Air Force One or Norway OBAMA orders Treasury, which by then was in possession of the packs, to remove certain items and to destroy the packs. He would not provide them with written orders, only verbal. Treasury responded saying "we are not going to jail for you, if you want this done come and do it yourself". Thursday night there were ongoing problems but overnight Thursday and Friday morning JAG stepped in and helped retrieve the packs from Treasury legally and without confrontation.
Now it turns out that the newly arrived Ming are also working for Obama. Friday, Saturday and Sunday they claimed the packs had gone out for delivery only to be confiscated* by Homeland Security. What was actually happening was that the packs were being handed over to HLS by the newly arrived Ming. It appears, at least for now, that the Japanese Emperor knew nothing of this and was not involved. It was the Ming in D.C. who were to provide the money to bribe the Japanese Prime Minister and the Japanese head of The World Court. They were also to provide OBAMA a huge sum of money.
Today JAG offered up a "guaranteed promise" of deliveries today saying WE THE PEOPLE have a right to our packages and if not delivered today they would turn them over to the people themselves. They LIED. At 6:30 p.m. EST the packs were still in Treasury.
"FRIENDS" working in D.C. have been helping us and providing vital Intel for a long time. They were told tonight that if they speak to us again they will lose not only their jobs but all their benefits including retirement benefits as well. The message was delivered to them by OBAMA'S EMISSARIES. They were trying to help us obtain that which is legally ours.
Today OBAMA continues his rant saying no program will ever be allowed to pay. It will be stopped, says he, no matter what it takes. Very high level attorneys are saying tonight that it would be illegal to fire anyone for trying to help people, as if that would matter to Obama. Here we have still another example of the lawless, traitorous, snake like behavior of Obama.
WE are informed the packs left D.C. around 7 p.m. on orders of The Japanese Emperor, overseas Ming and overseas Families. 
Given all that is going on we do not know whether they will be delivered or not.
                    casper   12-13-09
PS:  Of course..there is ALWAYS "PLAN B"  which will "Rattle a Few Cages..."
PLAN B = 336,000 participants/members/investors decide that they want to Pick  Up the Packs that are rightfully theirs.   Just Imagine.... 336,000 +/-   people GOING TO D.C. and DEMANDING WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS.