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After trying all afternoon to bribe the Courier with ever increasing amounts "per package" not to deliver (the last "bid" WE heard was five times the amount the Courier was to be paid to deliver), CHINA then tried to BUY THE COURIER, literally, in order to stop deliveries.
The arrangements for delivery tonight involved "The Judge" in CHINA as opposed to arrangements by the Court and now he, in cooperation with one or more Justices on the Court have ordered the packs back to the Chinese Embassy in D.C..
I.M.F. Countries were told the packs would be "destroyed" upon arrival.
These Countries say they will take possession of the packs upon arrival in D.C. within the hour.
More when possible,
                    casper   11-28-09  #2
p.s. CHINA is tonight trying to deny the above saying they "would never do such a thing".
Why then, Dear China, have you ordered the packs back to your D.C. Embassy?