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"Approx. 8 A.M. EDT this morning all packages were enroute back to Canada to avoid having to deliver today. The packs were intercepted at the airport and were turned around and sent back to D.C.
Approx. 11 am this am..China was refusing to release the packs.  Illegally.
The W.C. stepped in and ordered ALL packs/programs to be del. this evening.
The Orders from the WC  were "NON -RETURN".
(Any order to Vacate /Return  would be False.)
Noon-time..the packs left D.C. for del. starting this evening approx. 7PM. EDT
ALL packages.  ALL Programs.
Since then WE have found that China and Obama have tried everything the could to stop this delivery.
China has offered the Couriers DOUBLE the amount of funds they were to be paid, to Stop the delivery.
We are told that the delivery will proceed as scheduled.
They ( the Couriers) are under WC Orders to do so.
China has several large Contracts with the US--and they are afraid they will LOSE if the delivery is not done.
WE are told one contract  is the new construction on the Subway System in N.Y. City.
There are several others ( contracts)  WE are checking on now.
At the present time, the couriers are saying "They WILL Deliver tonight."    "
WE, Casper and Assoc.  6PM EST  SAT.  11-28-09