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CHINA, ENGLAND, GERMANY and all the usual suspects in and out of Government have been working with OBAMA to stall deliveries while they try to implement their latest plans to save the Status Quo.
The IMF Countries have been helpless to overcome "The Powers That Be" which are led by BUSH SENIOR.
China "stiffing" OBAMA during his ASIA TRIP was a dog and pony show to cover their cooperation with him in all respects.
The QUEEN and MERKLE are also in bed with OBAMA and CHINA.
The package movement to and from CANADA was part of the stall as the goal was to keep them from being delivered with no real expectation attempted trades would go thru.
A "DEADLINE" of noon today has been given to have the packages delivered, as another of those "or else" threats is in the works.
                        casper   11-27-09