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             Another Targeted Message
              To THE JUDGE in China
SIR, WE have been "ON TO YOU" for more than three months.
You should never promise to deliver OTHER PEOPLES MONEY yet to be stolen. You guaranteed OBAMA more that two Trillion. You guaranteed the QUEEN still more TRILLIONS. You thought you were the only one controlling the locks on the accounts and that you could access the accounts didn't you?  You found that others had locks on the accounts also didn't you? You tried to break the codes and access the accounts didn't you? You failed didn't you?
Then you assisted OBAMA and the QUEEN in blocking deliveries. Then you helped them to attempt multiple illegal trades. You were then instrumental in compromising the two top men in the BDG (Black Dragon Group). You then helped to bribe the Auditors convincing them to assist with illegal attempted trades didn't you? You then tried to "get to" the BDC (Blk Dragon Council). You were informed you have already done enough damage to their reputation were you not?
WE initially believed you to be an honest man JUDGE. What happened JUDGE? Personal Corruption? Trapped in promises you could not keep?
Now you are again, as recently as this morning, helping OBAMA and the QUEEN in their attempts to block Today's Scheduled Deliveries are you not?  
Will you never learn, JUDGE? When you lay down with dogs covered with fleas you are going to end up with fleas.
                 casper and associates
                         11-23-09   #1
p.s. This post script is for program participants. There have been additional attempts this morning by OBAMA, THE QUEEN -and their Associates- and THE WORLD COURT to block Todays Scheduled Deliveries. Further info on this subject as it unfolds.