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Overnight the Auditors have determined that "chips" have been inserted into every card in every package in every program including all those packages WE refer to as IMF.
Upon access of any card 75%to 80% of all funds on the cards would have vanished into accounts set up at The Royal Bank of Canada to receive the stolen funds. Those accounts have been closed.
A decision was made overnight to replace all cards, ALL cards, and to reload ALL packs with replacement cards when they become available which is estimated to be in 24 to 48 hours.
Our great "protector", The Dragon Clan, was in on it for a "cut" of the about to be stolen funds. Two or three days ago the Number Two Man in that Organization had been caught assisting in the movement of the packages back and forth to Canada and was called "home". The Number One Man came in to replace him to "get deliveries done immediately" and has been lying to the world since the moment he arrived. This morning for example, he is saying "the packs are out for delivery" not realizing yet that the news contained herein is about to "hit the street" and expose him as the CON-MAN he is.
The Auditors are Completely Independent and are responsible for uncovering this most recent SCAM. We owe them our thanks.
More when possible.
                    casper   11-20-09  #1