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By OBAMA'S own admission 500 Billion is to be taken from Medicare ANNUALLY. Buried in the "Stimulus Bill", already passed, 20.6 BILLION (initial funding) for the "Rationing and Enforcement Board" (The Death Panels) of OBAMA CARE. Plus, all Citizens required to pay several hundred dollars monthly for Insurance or go to jail. Plus, another several hundred monthly in increased energy bills from "Cap and Trade" taxes. Plus, the dollar being intentionally debased meaning many more of them required to pay for groceries, etc.. You are watching the intentional destruction of America's middle class. Joblessness skyrocketing (approaching 20%) while Corrupt and Bankrupt Banks are made fat at taxpayer expense.
Meanwhile, illegal aliens arrested in Arizona are being moved to Texas and given legal residence. Border security is a farce. The NAU waits in the wings. Remember a previous update saying they (the Democrats) will give them new Range Rovers if necessary to get them added to the voter rolls? Democratic party policies from Federal funding of Acorn to appointing Communist Czars are designed to eliminate the two party political system by controlling who votes, by legitimizing the votes of 20 million illegal and by implementing Fascist/Socialist/Communist/CORPORATION Policies all for the purpose of "CHANGING" America from a Republican form of Constitutional Gov't. to a Democracy (already done/FDR/Democrat) then to a Socialist/Communist form of Gov't. (underway now at break neck speed).
These policies might be summarized as "to hell with the elderly and hoo-ray for illegal aliens".
Piling massive unpayable debt onto the backs of the people is part of the formula, flooding the Corrupt Banks with Taxpayer Provided Capital being only one of the methods being used. The latest announcement? Tens of BILLIONS of U.S. Taxpayer Dollars to be GIVEN to other countries to "help them go green". Our deficit is 1.4B this year alone. Still they spend like drunken sailors billing all of it to the people who had no say in the expenditures. Have you heard what the CEO of GE said recently after G.E. became the recipient of $140B of direct and indirect taxpayer subsidies? "WE ARE ALL DEMOCRATS NOW". Can you believe this bunch? Unlimited taxpayer provided funds to OBAMA'S BUDDIES (G.E.& OBAMA are in bed together and have been since before his election). YAHOO, "we are all Democrats now". Did you get your bailout yet?
This printing, borrowing and spending of still more Trillions on top of the previously unpayable Trillions (105T/total domestic liabilities) is being shoveled to insiders allied with the Corporation. Of these Trillions, hundreds of Billions are being shoveled to Political Allies and their pet projects willing to vote as instructed. It is nothing short of a massive Criminal Enterprise masquerading as legitimate government. As the Fed provides near interest free money to Banks and Insiders they invest the money in Government Securities, etc. around the world paying five or more percent interest creating free unearned cash flow for themselves with all downside risk accruing to the taxpayers. It is FRAUDULENT FINANCING on such a massive scale it is difficult to conceive of or to explain. Successive "bubbles", each of which must by definition eventually burst, and have burst, are now being replaced by a Government Sponsored Bubble, a Money/Debt/Asset Bubble which will collapse as surely as all previous Bubbles (dot com, housing, etc.) only this time there is no "lender of last resort" as that is who is sponsoring this last Bubble. It is a black hole. There will come a moment when the world refuses to throw good money after bad (purchase of Treasury Debt) then comes the complete destruction of American Capitalism and Freedom as we have always defined it. What is difficult to see and explain is that it is INTENTIONAL. The Extremist Democrats and allied Republicans know what they are doing and they know the outcome. They are creating the disaster so they can rush in with the solution which is NWO COMMUNISM FOR AMERICA, Gov't Control of everything which is underway on all fronts every day and easily visible on your television set.  The alternative to all that is happening, the obvious but not easy way out, was to let the "to big to fail" fail. But they would not because they were willing to bankrupt the Country, the American poor and middle class to save their Fraudulent Financial Playpen. Even now these Wall Street Insiders are splitting still more HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in bonuses created using taxpayer funded liabilities as SEVENTEEN MILLION OUT OF WORK AMERICANS pay the FIRST and ONLY THE FIRST INSTALLMENT on the coming ENFORCED FINANCIAL DISASTER. They managed to hide so much by propping up the currency for the past year. That's ending now, Gold is soaring in response and a long and continuous fall in living standards is underway as the price for the Insider Bailouts, Subsidies and Bonuses. The only expansion will be in Government Payrolls which is the intent, to make all American's absolutely dependent upon Government, i.e. COMMUNISM.  Goldman has just announced $500.M to help small businesses. What a joke. Five Hundred Million in Goldman's world is less than peanuts. Their latest publicly announced round of Bonuses are in excess of 20B/twenty Billion. The janitors make $700 K yearly. Goldman is the Broker for and the primary beneficiary of the Corporations Fraudulent Financial Playpen. Any "accidental losses" inside Goldman are made good by Paulson/Geithner on the backs of Taxpayers as was the case when taxpayer funds to AIG were diverted to Goldman while the unemployed stood in line for food stamps.
Meanwhile back at the Ranch, er White House, the MAO worshipping Anita Dunns husband (Bauer) is taking over as Chief White House Council. Didn't STORY or FULFORD teach us that BAUER was/is the true name of the Rothschild's? Or was it the Queen? Can't remember. Coincidence? What matters is that the CORPORATION OWNED WHITE HOUSE has been taken over by those who do not have the interest of the American people at heart as demonstrated by their actions daily and the CONGRESS too is in the hands of those (Democrats) who could care less what the people think about Nationalized Healthcare or Cap and Trade or Open Borders or anything else as they are also employees of The CORPORATION.
Meanwhile Ron Paul says Democratic Committee Chairman WAXMAN has gutted the proposed "AUDIT THE FED" Legislation and Democratic Senator Criss Dodd's proposed Financial Services Regulatory Overhaul is a giant legislative subterfuge in favor of the banks say those who have read it. Remember when the Democrats passed the "protect the consumer from the Banks" legislation six months ago and WE said at the time the purpose of the six month delay in implementation was to give the Banks time to go ahead and raise rates and fees immediately before the legislation kicked in? Is that not exactly what happened? It's all a SCAM, a CON, they work for the CORPORATION and the BANKS every time and always at the expense of the people. And they exempt themselves from everything they FORCE upon the people. And if you complain you are a "Mob". You are not grass roots, you are "Astroturf".
The Republicans are owned by Big Business and the Military/Industrial Complex. That's bad enough but its not nearly as bad as the Democrats who are ruled not only by their own "special interest" but more importantly they are ruled by the Radical Left Wing Extremist Ideology of their own minds. They are Anti Capitalism and Anti America and they are moving as quickly as humanly possible to "finish off" all that you ever knew about America and to "CHANGE" it to reflect their Ideology which can be summarized as GOVT. CONTROL of everything. Wave goodbye to even your most basic freedoms. Not only are your rights to choose being taken but you will be FORCED to pay for what they are choosing for you.
Unless you are a pure bred MARXIST from head to toe what is happening to our country should have you alternating between tears and rage every day. Unless this CHANGE to Socialism/Communism is stopped, by the end of OBAMA's first term we will be nothing more than the biggest notch on the handle of the NWO/GLOBALIST gun.
Almost every day there is a new example of the difference in the thinking of these Socialist Extremist and "Normal Americans" who, as a general statement, are center right, religious, traditional and moderate or conservative. The remaining 20% are liberal, are ruling the country and are leading us down a dark path of no return. It is not possible to compromise with these Liberal Extremist unless we are willing to accept the Corporation, the NWO, World Government and domestic Socialism/Communism permanently. The only solution is to realize that this time "the lesser of two evils" meant the loss of our country to those taking us where 70/80% of the people do not want to go. The solution is their defeat. What "compromise" is there to make when you find a poisonous spider in your bed? ZOGBY, the best of the Political Polling Organizations has a new one out saying only 43% would vote for OBAMA in an election held today, down from the 53% which elected him. Who are these 43%? As a general statement they are the recipients of the largess being provided by the Democrats and billed to the Taxpayers. The Government has no money to give away except that which it first takes from someone else. This "change", this taking from those who earn and pay taxes to give to those willing to support the Socialist Agenda by keeping the Democrats in power, is euphemistically called the "redistribution of wealth". What it is truthfully is the Application and Enforcement by Government of all manner of penalties applied to everything and everyone deemed "successful" for the purpose of leveling the population to the lowest common denominator. Socialism/Communism. The intentional destruction of Freedom and Free Enterprise and Capitalism. People living under Socialism and Communism do not die as a result, they simply become a "herd" to be managed by the Good Shepard's such as Chavez, Castro, Mao, etc.. They become sheep and they remain sheep and so long as they follow the instructions of the State they are allowed to live. Is this what we want for America? Is this the cost of our apathy? Do you think those with this mind set, this Ideology, are going to "stop" on their own? Why do you think each day brings still another example of their "hell bent for leather" implementation of these Anti-American policies? They don't intend to be defeated and move to Paraguay. They intend to win, to "CHANGE" America into a HERD of Sheep with themselves controlling your movement, your access to information, your internet, your healthcare, even how much you are allowed to be paid by your employer, even who you are allowed to listen to on the radio. How could we ever possibly explain to our grandchildren that it was our generation which allowed this to happen to our Country?
Casper receives a constant flow of questions asking "what can we do"? One answer is to "throw the bums out". All of them. Eliminate confusion and disagreement by throwing ALL of them out. Be willing to throw the baby out with the bath water with the only exceptions being someone like Ron Paul who is visibly fighting so vigorously for the Constitution, the demise of the Corporation and the preservation of Historical/Traditional America. And if having even one remaining confuses you throw him out too. WE THE PEOPLE should make a deal with each other, California with Florida, Texas with New York, Oklahoma with Massachusetts. "I WILL IF YOU WILL". Will what? THROW THE BUMS OUT!
Why am I writing this? Because I expect to discontinue writing immediately after deliveries and announcements and in spite of the daily delays, that can and will occur at any time as described here for years.  I am attempting a summary overview for posterity of the conservative views I have offered here for years. I am hoping that those being funded will be motivated to support financially and the many web-sites such as and other organizations of your choosing which are doing all possible to preserve our Heritage. Is there anything more "Humanitarian" than saving the American people from a fate of submission and slavery even if the vast majority have no concept of the subject or the stakes involved? So please, view this as another "Good-Bye" message even though WE will continue to report delivery status until they arrive.
ASSUMING we get the announcements we expect it may be that the CORPORATE EMPLOYEES aka POLITICIANS will be thrown out en masse along with Admiralty Law and all the unconstitutional laws passed by many CORPORATE CONGRESS'S over many decades. If so let's fall on our knees and give thanks. If not lets be willing to financially support those devoting their lives to the attempt to save Traditional/Historical America from the current crop of Traitors.
Lets send every Roto-Rooter and Fumigation Contractor in America to Washington D.C. and FLUSH THE TOILET.
                    casper   11-18-09