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The World Court is now playing games again while lying to the world.
They said the packs were out early this morning for delivery today. They were found in Treasury at 9 a.m..
Then they claimed they were out at 4 p.m.. They were simply being moved from one location within Treasury to another location in Treasury.
Now they claim they went out at 7:30 p.m.. They were still in Treasury at 9 p.m.
All the while they are lying to the Countries and the world hour by hour. The CHINESE EMBASSY is co-operating in the lies, also claiming the packs are out for delivery.
What is really going on is that the QUEEN has demanded the proceeds of the recent trades in CANADA, trades she initiated using our F&P Funds. Her demands are well in excess of Ten T she says she must have to pay her bills.
Seizing what they perceive to be an "opportunity" the WORLD COURT IS DEMANDING A CUT. They want all profits made trading our funds split between them and the QUEEN.
The Countries are saying hell no it is not their funds or the Queens and now realize the Court itself has been holding the packs back while they try to steal our funds.
This Intel is confirmed from within the World Court itself.  
At 9 p.m. the packs were still hidden within Treasury.
                        casper   11-13-09   evening
p.s. The Court is in possession of the funds seized from the illegal trades. They had previously told all involved the funds would be paid only to program participants. Now they are trying to divert the funds to the Queen and feather their own nest.