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It has become rather common for us to receive word from multiple sources in Europe and Asia that disclosures in these updates have caused still another "explosion" over there as The Countries and others learn about then confirm the Intell provided then "explode" over the sabotage and subterfuge being disclosed at the time.
Last nights update disclosing the physical movement of the packages into CANADA caused just such and explosion on several fronts simultaneously and WE are informed that the perpetrators and participants both here and over there are extremely angry at the disclosure of what they considered to be one of their most important secrets. The other "players" are reacting to the latest sabotage by OBAMA and others more strongly, WE hear, than ever before.
As you can read in the overnight updates from other serious reporters and messengers, as opposed to the UNINFORMED WALLFLOWERS who have nothing better to do than throw mud-balls at those of us doing the work, the situation is more intense and critical than ever before. Each serious reporter is providing you an overview of what is going on daily albeit from a different perspective. You must keep up with all of them to see the big picture.
It is not necessary or even possible that all disclosures from all reporters match up perfectly. It is the big picture and the "direction of the wind" which is important if you desire to know about the daily blow by blow of the opposing forces. For some of you it might be healthier not to know.
What WE have not disclosed before the "opening salvo" last night is the movement of the physical packages into CANADA where they must have physical possession to pull off any of the many recent attempted trades reported here.
THE PACKAGES HAVE BEEN MOVED FROM D.C. INTO CANADA BETWEEN 20 and 25 TIMES OVER THE LAST SEVERAL WEEKS. As the trades were discovered and blocked or seized the packs were moved back to D.C. each time only to go back to CANADA again as a new attempted trade was arranged. Documents reflecting each movement of the packs over INTERNATIONAL BORDERS exist and are in hand. Each offense exposes the perpetrators to 25 or so charges including Embezzlement. WE have withheld this until now as the blockage of each trade and the return of the packs to D.C. led us to believe their sabotage had finally been over come and the packs, having arrived back in D.C., were finally on their way to our doors. Now that the cat is out of the bag via last nights disclosures WE have decided to follow the lead of other overnight updates and to go ahead and tell the world that what they are doing is not a "one off" operation but rather an ongoing sabotage amounting to 20/25 movements of the packs over International Borders while the entire world was being lied to daily.
These endeavors began with Prince Charles visit to the Canadian town as reported by several messengers some weeks ago. He, the Queen, OBAMA and the CANADA FAMILIES have been the leaders of this sabotage operation from the beginning the purpose of which was to trade the F&P funds belonging to the program participants and using the packs as collateral for the attempted but mostly failed trades. The successful trades were seized. Documentation shows that BUSH, CLINTON and "others" were responsible for the package movements into CANADA on certain occasions.
                     casper   11-12-09   #1