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 After the UNION and WORLD COURT confrontation this morning resulting in the packs again leaving D.C. for delivery today OBAMA ordered the packs diverted to CANADA.
They were to be used as COLLATERAL in still another attempt to trade OPIUM, Other Peoples Money, in this case the F&P Funds which are the only Funds they could use at this time. This is what OBAMA was doing in CANADA today. The trade was blocked, the packs were returned to D.C.
The packs left D.C. at 5:15p.m. with orders from the Court to deliver tonight no matter what is required. The Carrier in possession says they have flown the packs out but are already hearing that OBAMA will again order them back tonight.
Remember the television spy series "The man from Uncle"? It is the perfect model/pattern/example of what is occurring today. Both OBAMA and the COURT are speaking "with forked tongue" to each other and to the world.
                casper   11-11-09  #2