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As you can tell from the wide array of messages hitting the net today from multiple messengers many things are going on simultaneously. We must all be very careful and suspect right now as the ABC BOYS are laying it down "fast and thick" on all fronts. Here is OUR contribution to the party.
Packs were out last night for delivery today but were returned to D.C. overnight as a result of FORGED ORDERS provided to the carrier, UPS, which held the packs in their offices until they were retrieved shortly before noon.  They are not innocent. CARLYLE resurfaced and was involved also but the real reason for delay, or at least one of the reasons, is that BUSH SENIOR, CHARLES AND THE QUEEN were once again up to their old tricks trying to trade OPIUM, other peoples money, namely our money. It has been caught and stopped. This is the second time in three days and WE SUGGEST they give it up as "it ain't gonna happen".
The packs are back "in hand" and WE suggest you open your drapes tomorrow.  
There is no reason for us to comment about other messengers updates with one exception. While they "do their thing" WE will do ours. The exception is the e-mail posted tonight from "Whistleblower". Who can doubt after reading his updates over time that he is well intentioned and exceptionally wise and well informed?  Nevertheless, regarding "our business", he is, like others, misinformed.  
                 casper   11-06-09
p.s. ANYONE trying to make OBAMA into an Easter Lily at this late hour should rethink their position and immediately seek the assistance of a patient Psychiatrist.
p.p.s. His attempts to beg, borrow or STEAL desperately needed funds continues on all fronts world wide.