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After the disclosure last week of the OBAMA/CHINA "insider deal" involving the "Missile Technology" transfers which, by the way, caused an explosion of activity around the world, WE then reported this week CHINA had "dumped" its partnership with OBAMA, was screaming their heads off that they wanted the deliveries done NOW, had sent someone over here to see to it deliveries occurred yesterday and had gone to the World Court to obtain a lien against Treasury. BULL SCHITT.
CHINA is still making under the table deals with OBAMA we hear and putting on a big public show to divert attention from "the insider deal" OBAMA was bragging about last week while attempting to convince the world it has "gotten religion" and will now play straight. All a lie WE hear. They are helping BUSH, CLINTON, MERKLE, OBAMA, GATES et. al. block deliveries.
The packs were still in D.C. at 3 a.m. this morning at the PENTAGON no less. This den of VIPERS which includes BERNAKE and GEITHNER, RAHM EMANUEL, LEON PANETTA (CIA) AND LARRY SUMMERS continue to do all possible to preserve the old, themselves in power and to block the new which includes honest banking and the Constitution.
Meanwhile, using a portion of our funds as collateral, CHARLES AND THE QUEEN arranged ongoing TRADING of our funds through certain CANADIAN FAMILIES. This has been caught and the "profits" seized.
Back to CHINA for a moment, WE hear two new deals with OBAMA have been made in addition to the previous TRAITOROUS "insider deal". As you can readily see our Intel disagrees with the morning update from STORY portraying the QUEEN and CHINA as victims. WE have them as participants with OBAMA, BUSH, CLINTON As reported before there are several power groups in CHINA so it is quite possible he is reporting CHINA'S "good guy activity" while WE are reporting the COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT subterfuge and sabotage and ongoing partnership with BUSH/OBAMA.
This seems like a good time to reiterate that "WE don't know everything". WE never have. WE are dealing with the biggest snakes on the planet and their secret dealings with each other at a time when the stakes could not be any higher or their attempts at secrecy any greater. WE are doing the best we can under the circumstances. The major point of which there is no doubt is that OBAMA is doing everything he can to preserve and enhance the corruption handed to him by BUSH and CLINTON and he has surrounded himself with those willing to participate in Bankrupting our nation with the continued creation of unlimited quantities of money "from thin air" in order to preserve their utterly FRAUDULENT FINANCIAL PLAYPEN and to avoid bringing QUADS worth of FRAUDULENT "ASSETS" onto the Banks books. Anything, anything at all, to avoid their decades of outright FRAUD from becoming public. It's the Wild Wild West in D.C. and NEW YORK and in the World of Fraudulent FIAT Finance and as near as we can tell they have WHACKED THE SHERIFF if one ever existed. More likely is that they BOUGHT THE SHERIFF, and the U.S. MARSHALLS, and The PROVOST and the SEC and The MILITARY and THE POLITICIANS and apparently every other HOBO residing in Washington D.C..
In spite of everything written above WE STILL BELIEVE things are being dealt with behind the scenes and will work out in our favor presently.
                    casper   11-05-09  #1