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After the Obama blockage Tuesday morning Frau MERKLE, with the help of her German Puppet World Court judge, performed the honors Tuesday afternoon.
Then last night Def. Secretary Gates and Hillary were responsible for stopping the movement of the packages. .
In spite of these saboteurs deliveries were still supposed to be made today as packs were to leave D.C. at 11 a.m.. 
A Big Shot from China arrived early this morning to see that it was done. Note Story's report of CHINA'S presence at the World Court today which was no doubt their response to what Gates and Hillary had done overnight. A lien against Treasury will be about as useful as the "WRIT" they had obtained months ago, e.g. "about as useful as tits on a boar hog.
Our accounts are ready for our arrival, those "Bigger than us" who have already been into the bank are waiting for our deliveries so they can access.
More of the same folks. Just a matter of finally overcoming BUSH, CLINTON and OBAMA.
WE hear the packs are in D.C. but this time this is not an "eyes on" report.
All WE can do is watch while the big boys gnaw on each others noses.
                   casper   11-4-09