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There are currently two post on Rumor Mill News, one after the other, the first by "Sorcha Faal", both dealing with the transfer of U.S. Missile Technology to Communist China with OBAMA giving such authority to the Secretary of Commerce, and the second providing the proof from the Federal Register. You MUST READ these two post.
Recall that WE reported to you a  secret deal involving the transfer of top secret U.S. Military Technology to CHINA in return for debt relief some weeks ago (see archives).
WE believe this to be the "insider deal" referred to by OBAMA and included in todays first update. Remember that Faal is and always has been an OBAMA worshiper so she blames it on a right wing conspiracy. It is OBAMA who is a COMMUNIST, appoints COMMUNIST CZARS who worship MAO, a mass murderer, not right wing conservatives.
Your country, our country, is being sold out by COMMUNIST to COMMUNIST and there appears to be no one with the courage to do anything about it.
"The man" didn't go home empty handed after all, did he.
                    casper   10-28-09   #2
p.s. see Presidential Determination No. 2009-31 of September 29, 2009 as published in The Federal Register, 10-2-09, Volume 74, No. 190, Presidential Documents, Page 50913.