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WE can find no evidence that the packs have actually left D.C. although several say they have, one of which is ABC (see-aye-a) contacts.
WE are fully aware of the several grapevine reports saying deliveries would begin at noon today EST which were later revised to delivery tonight and continuing tomorrow. How easy it would be to sit, say nothing and simply accept these reports.
Unfortunately, as often happens, our intell conflicts this scenario. As you know WE pay special attention to what OBAMA is saying and doing at any given moment. What follows is from his own mouth as relayed to us by "flies on walls".
He continues to say we may as well forget these packages, that he will never allow them to be delivered. That the FED is not down and is going nowhere.
That the one T$  loan from CHINA was not paid and they would have to wait.
That CHINA and THE COUNTRIES and THE WORLD COURT will do as he orders them to do.
That he has an "insider deal" with CHINA so that the one T loan will never be repaid.
That the man here to collect that debt went home yesterday empty handed.
That CHINA can't do anything about it and neither can anyone else.
And, finally, to leave him alone about the packs as they will never be delivered.
Also, he says CHINA will continue to fund his (U.S.) financial (debt) demands and will never be repaid due to his "insider deal" with CHINA. (We don't know what this means, only that it is what he said today).
If he said these things to you or me, we would assume him to be lying.
This is what he is telling his closest allies.
Trustees and other such "sources" around the world have more or less the same intell as you hear daily. They are first rail and ready. OBAMA is either controlling and stopping the second rail releases or at a minimum thinks he is.
                      casper   10-28-09
p.s. From other directions WE hear there were major money movements yesterday from the U.S. to Central Banks overseas having something to do with the BIS proposals we reported previously, i.e. Domestic Banks Toxic Derivatives "assets" into offshore "clearing houses". Hopefully this intell will be of some use to those trying to overcome OBAMA and who better understand its implications.
p.p.s. There are several web-sites/"messengers" which continue to extol the virtues of OBAMA as "our man", as the one sent to "save us from the wilderness" (paraphrasing). Perhaps its time those of you who follow those sites demand an explanation for his blockage of deliveries, announcements, the Constitution, honest banking, etc.etc.etc......