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The results of a political poll released today by one of the majors says 40% of Americans identify themselves as Conservative, 36% as Moderate and 20% as Liberal/Progressive. Told you so!!!!!!!!!
We collectively said "anyone except BUSH". The "lesser of two evils" has turned out to be no less evil. His policies are designed to destroy our country economically (capitalism) as he and the Democratic Party, and many Republicans, are puppets of the Money Trust, specifically the Banks and Wall Street. The "circular financing" using thin air money loaned to the Banks by the Fed at near zero interest then "reinvested" by them into Treasury Debt is a SCAM which will in due course destroy the Dollar, the U.S. credit rating and result in the necessary sell off and privatization of the peoples assets such as Highways, National Parks, etc.. It is approximately the same rape, rob and pillage formula applied to the Soviet Union causing its breakup.
Friends, these policies are not accidental. OBAMA is a pawn of the NWO ILLUMINATI BUSH BUNCH who design and implement these policies. He has from the beginning been surrounded by "them" meaning Summers, Clinton, Bernake/Paulson/Geithner, Greg Craig, Goldman Sachs, etc etc etc.. The destruction of America's middle class to save their wholly corrupt and Fraudulent Financial Playpen and to enrich themselves personally in the process is intentional.  Their production of and circular routing of funny money for use in conversion of the peoples assets to their private ownership is equally intentional and is handled through their affiliated hedge funds located offshore to escape scrutiny.
A Criminal Enterprise has been using the "U.S. CORPORATE GOVERNMENT" as cover for the most horrific financial crimes imaginable then used generations of taxpayer liability as guarantees for their losses.  Multiple Presidents have been involved. Much of Congress has been involved.
Our deliveries, announcements, the Constitution and the new banking system will bring to an end decades of deceit, thievery and TREASON.
HEADS UP. The packs are moving again tonight.
                      casper  10-26-09  #2