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After the packs went out this morning they were once again intercepted by OBAMA'S helpers and are now back in the JAPANESE EMBASSY.
ALL those working to get them to us have today had their lives threatened again including the kidnap of and lives of their children if they do not stop immediately and RUN.
OBAMA again says the packs will never be delivered, that he must have the money and anyone who interferes WILL BE "REMOVED". Yesterday he said that if the American people find out what he is doing he will be lynched along with BUSH and CLINTON. He is still trying, around the clock, to access our accounts and has the assistance of RUSSIA in this effort.  
WE know of no current activity by the World Court or the other countries to overcome him.
                    casper   10-25-09   #2 
p.s. Is there anyone in this country who will stand up for our REPUBLIC, for the CONSTITUTION, for GOOD instead of EVIL, for RIGHT instead of WRONG, for GOD instead of SATAN? Is there anyone anywhere who can't be threatened and/or bought off?
p.p.s. Since the beginning of the OBAMA administration WE have reported that he is a pawn of BUSH SENIOR and the ILLUMINATI. WE have reported this dozens of times and it is more true today than ever before. Blocking deliveries has become an OBSESSION with him. Be extremely wary of anyone who says otherwise as they have not known and still can't figure out that he is the full time enemy of and fully committed to stopping our funding and preserving the status quo no matter how much it cost future generations of taxpayers, no matter how many lose their homes unnecessasarilly.