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OUR last update last Tuesday night summarized the Helter Skelter activities of that day ending with HLS's possession of the Trigger Packs. Since that time it has been more of the same every day with additional "players" joining OBAMA in his never ending sabotage efforts.
The packs ended up at the Japanese Embassy where, in a joint operation of OBAMA, JAPAN and CHINA, packs were opened. JAPAN had taken on delivery responsibility after CHINA had failed to get the job done. When deliveries did not occur Friday as rescheduled the packs were discovered at their Embassy where OBAMA had instructed they be opened claiming they belonged to him.
Embassy personnel have subsequently given depositions and been audio and video taped admitting to their complicity and providing concrete proof OBAMA was working with the NEW PRIME MINISTER of JAPAN YUKIO HATOYAMA in this sabotage effort just as he was doing with CHINA earlier in the week before delivery responsibility was transferred to JAPAN.
Yesterday the packs were again handed over to the Courier for delivery yesterday. The Courier, acting on orders from OBAMA, took the packs to The CHINESE EMBASSY. Chinese Embassy Personnel have subsequently given depositions and been Audio and Video taped admitting they were told by OBAMA that he owns the packs, that EVERYTHING in America belongs to him, that they were following his instructions.
WE hear that all involved will be charged with TREASON and EMBEZZLEMENT including the Japanese and Chinese personnel involved as well as all the Domestic participants. We hear the Japanese Prime Minister will be required to step down and after deliveries he and all domestic participants including OBAMA will have to face the music.
There is more we can't discuss right now. All have been caught red handed. All will be dealt with, even the Courier. The Depositions and Video Tapes are in hand.
The packs have again left D.C. this morning. Heads up.
                      casper   10-25-09  #1