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Security Personel and Carrier Personel involved in today's attempt to deliver the Trigger Packs have been KIDNAPPED by Homeland Security Personel. The Security Personel were armed with Diplomatic Immunity and Special Weapons Permits but did not "engage" HLS Personel.  
The World Court says the HLS personel will be arrested and charged with kidnapping. WE said we will believe it only if it is on the news. They said "we guarantee it will be on the news".
Even the most gullible kool-aid drinkers should be able to figure out where HLS got their orders.
The phones of all Security and Carrier Personel were somehow made in-operable by Homeland Security. 
The packs are being recovered. This will involve some sort of "start over" or "do over" procedure unknown to us---yet.
                  casper   10-16-09   #4