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Last Friday, after several days on the links with BUSH SENIOR Clinton flew to RUSSIA arriving in advance of Hillary's arrival this week. She had stopped by BROWN'S residence in ENGLAND for a big hug first. OBAMA is with BUSH SENIOR in Texas today. In between, the QUEEN and MERKLE are involved up to their eyeballs with daily blockages and BRUSSELS is in this stew somewhere not to mention the involvement of the Dragon Lady and Ying a few days prior.
You need not be a rocket scientist to observe the snakes frenetic activity which succeeded in blocking deliveries two weeks running.
The question is "what are they up to now"? Since WE don't know, lets play "SPECULATE".
OBAMA gives in to RUSSIA regards the missile shield only to have Russia say no to any serious pressuring of IRAN. Russia enters into multi-billion dollar contracts with CHINA this week for energy deals supposedly by-passing settlement in "Dollars". Both Clintons to Russia but Brown first, Brussels (European Union) deeply involved in current goings on, meanwhile everybody's meeting with BUSH SENIOR somewhere as he was pulling the strings of Dragon Lady, Ying, Obama and Clinton and to an unknown extent the Red Chinese Gov't.. Meanwhile Bilderberger installs new Gov't in Japan as CHINA threatens default on hundreds of trillions of derivatives contracts.
The E.U. is a FIAT Monetary System under the BIS like D.C. and the FED RES. Geithner on national television yesterday espousing the future success of the status quo. Good Guys delivery plans are frustrated over and over again.
OBAMA continues to scream NEVER while World Court slipperier than a catfish. First rail ready, second rail Bribes and Blocks.
Something really big is going on and WE don't know what it is, only that it involves an attempt by the Criminals to remain in power, to screw the recipients and the citizens, to steal our accounts and to block the exposures at all cost.
Obviously "they" are up to no good and they are all working together to try to pull it off whatever "it" is. ALL calls going and coming are being monitored so its clear the Intell Agencies, dependent upon the SNAKES for uninterrupted funding of all things BLACK, are supporting the current clandestine scamming efforts.
Obviously it is hard to kill a snake, harder still a pit full of snakes.
The Debt of the U.S. is unpayable yet it continues to be grown exponentially. The outright and highly visible screwing OBAMA, actually the CORPORATION, is giving the world right now limits the available responses as the Creditors, as holders of Trillions of U.S. Debt Instruments, stand to get the short end of the stick in what this reporter perceives to be THE GREATEST BLACKMAIL GAME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. The U.S. CORPORATE GOV'T, OBAMA, BUSH, CLINTON, BERNAKE, GEITHNER, MERKLE, the QUEEN, elements in CHINA, BRUSSELS, the BIS, etc, etc, etc, are, in my opinion, attempting to BLACKMAIL the World in an attempt to steal all funds in order to recapitalize the status quo, remain in power, avoid announcements and exposures and to preserve the completely fraudulent PONZI Western Fiat Monetary System.
Again and again WE are assured it is too late for that, the wicked witches of the West are in fact dead only to have the delays continue. If the WAR were over the SNAKES would be unlikely to be slithering here and yon as they are, IMO.
                 casper  10-16-09  #3