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Yesterday the Octopus chose BILL CLINTON to be chief briber for the day and he successfully bribed the Security Carrier Group brought in from Europe to deliver the trigger packs last night.  This was supposedly a completely trustworthy group you understand. No one remains trustworthy after contacting a tentacle of the Octopus.  WE don't know how high the number necessary to bribe them, only that the packs ended up back in D.C. and it was the former "acting" President BILL CLINTON who did the dirty work. WE hear but can't confirm that the World Court and/or Brussels have ordered both Clintons "picked up". As previously reported the daily blockages are all attributable to OBAMA with each ally taking his or her turn in handling the blocking method du jour.
The big meeting in Brussels yesterday or the previous night included very important people from round about (including the Rothschild's??) and they and the World Court ordered delivery of trigger packs before 6 p.m. last night, the rest today. CLINTON bribes Security Carrier, packs back in D.C..
CLINTON. BUSH, OBAMA, its all the same thing-the Octopus which has many tentacles. They did it again, another 24 hours minimum delay.
Now its Friday morning and this day begins with news that the trigger packs are still in D.C. and that it is again OBAMA who stopped their re-scheduled delivery this morning. WE hear he was assisted overnight in this current blockage by the QUEEN, MERKLE and one soon to be named World Court Justice.  
Last night WE had assurances from on high this gamesmanship would be brought to a final conclusion overnight and the consequent suffering of the abused and tortured recipients would end.
The early morning news outlined above may be "giving way" as WE type as word has just arrived saying these problems have now been dealt with and we are back on go. We shall see.
                     casper   10-16-09