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casper 10-14-09

Have WE mentioned lately that it is OBAMA who has been blocking deliveries? And that he has been aptly assisted lately by BUSH SENIOR and both CLINTONS? And those from abroad we have recently mentioned?
Anyone not clued in to this simple and spectacularly obvious truth at this late hour is desperately ignorant or intentionally misleading you. Such a person must have been brainwashed to such an extent they can no longer function rationally. It is not necessary anyone agree with our observations, only that they open their eyes even if they must use a crowbar.
Our country is being ripped from under us daily on national television. Unless this man and his Czars and his radical colleagues who now control every aspect of Government are stopped you may as well move to Venezuela. The announcement
of a return to the Constitution and the demise of the Octopus/Corporation is at least as important as our funding. Especially if you have children.
The destruction of America by a "New World Order" is well down the road just as ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by Ireland last week sealed the fate of the Sovereign Nations of Europe. Are we going to allow our country, what is to be left of it, to be merged into this New World Order for which OBAMA has been appointed as "First Messiah" and from which there will never be escape?
Obama supporters must wake up to the fact that OBAMA'S plans for "hope and change" are basically the opposite of what you perceive them to be and our funding is not a part of his plans.  That would cause he and his to "lose control" and he would no longer be "RULER", a word he has used often while ordering the world around and around.
OBAMA and BUSH SENIOR are joined at the hip much like the more visible joining of BUSH and CLINTON at the hip. Hold on if you must to the idea that he is being blackmailed, or that he "accidentally" allowed himself to be led by others into his current dilemmas, no matter, what counts now is the FACT that he blocks deliveries week after week.
Wake up friends, the "Messiah" is not on our side. He never was.
                       casper   10-14-09