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Deliveries have been delayed in 24 hour increments for several days in a row as BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA, THE QUEEN AND THE MING have tried desperately to locate and ELIMINATE The Man with The Suitcase.
The loss of Fiat and Fractional is one thing, announcements of the Constitution and even resignations are one thing, the opening of Pandora's Suitcase, stopping the opening of the Pandora's Suitcase, is a matter of life or death for all of them. Think for a moment what will happen to these "world leaders" when the unthinkable is made public worldwide.
Today, using "if come" money, OBAMA again managed to bribe the Leaders of the Security Group hired to deliver the trigger packs buying all of the criminals another 24 hours.
Twenty four hours, no matter what it took. They are DESPERATELY trying to get to The Man and retrieve the Suitcase.  
                      Casper   10-13-09  #2