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CASPER UPDATE #3: OCTOBER 12, 2009 (Updated Oct. 13 with Comment)

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WE hear the Q is plenty upset with todays updates, that the OATH business as discussed is true with that particular disclosure really pis-ing her off, and that she has already ordered her "boy" to attack us and to even deny she was here.
No telling what "story-line" they are cooking up right now.
Heads up for tomorrow.
             casper   10-12-09  #3  
----- Original Message -----
From: RDH
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 1:25 AM
Subject: hello central re;: the latest casper reports
Dear  Bellringer, Casper, Poof ,
   I have followed these reports for 3 years now about the evil in high places it is my opinion that  a few ultra rich have been playing a game . They are the bank the corperations and governments are the players and the world is the game board.
The game they play is a mixture of risk, monopoly and annihilation. their moto is there can be only us.
 The problem is the world has grown tired of being the pawns. The world court orders the changes, the evil jerks play musical chairs with the payouts and keep the game going.. I think that 41, 42,43 and 44 are just pawns as are the other high ranked crime bosses.
The enforcement forces have to identify the puppet masters of the game, arrest them , redistribute their stolen wealth. 
If the golden age is going forward  laws must be enforced worldwide to stop hoarding supplies in order to artificially increase prices while the artificial shortages cause injury and death to untold thousands..The man in the US that tells all presidents that are sworn in is the highest rank master mason above the 33rd degree who is known as the Governor of the United States. He answers to the Black Pope. and  is a member of the Jesuit High Counsel
Keep up the good work of exposing the wickedness and bringing the works of darkness into the light to be judged by all..`
peace and divine protection keep all of you until the inevitable victory is achieved. 
sincerly RDH