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How many times over the years have WE said that we know the Q better than most, better than STORY for example? WE go way back with her and updates from years ago describe her as the worlds most unreliable "flip-flopper", that she blows in the wind like a willow tree siding with which ever side appears to be "winning" at the moment. You might find it enlightening to review some of those old updates archived at
Our update last Thursday reports her arrival here to "help get deliveries done" after which she made a quick trip back to England for a scheduled event then returned to the U.S. to again "help to get deliveries done". In keeping with her history of betrayal and subterfuge WE learned late last night that, like "Dragon Lady" and Ying, she has actually been trying to sabotage deliveries and announcements and especially the disclosures, exposures and the SUITCASE. The reason is because she occupies a prominent place in the Suitcase and contends its exposure will "destroy her and her family". She has been assisting BUSH, OBAMA, Dragon Lady, etc.  She is claiming this morning that she can block any disclosures of a nature detrimental to the Throne from entering England. There are historical "OATHS" some how involved in this. OATHS involving the QUEEN and BUSH. Recall that when the allies arrived in FRANCE in WWII every major edifice had been wired with explosives but the German Generals had refused HITLER'S orders to destroy the city as they retreated. Why do you suppose BUCKINGHAM, WINDSOR, etc. were not destroyed as LONDON was leveled around them? OATHS taken then are somehow involved in today's betrayals by the QUEEN. She is refusing to proceed with deliveries as scheduled this morning. How she and/or Dragon Lady have such "power over deliveries" is beyond our understanding. Pretending to be on "our side" she has had possession of the Trigger Packs in preparation for delivery today. The World Court has ordered her to hand them over immediately. Her response is that she "will burn them before she will hand them over" as their delivery (announcements??) would result in the destruction of the Monarchy. The OATHS involved are historical and ancestral in nature and she claims they can not be violated no matter what. Recall that BUSH SENIORS grandfather was NAZI and attempted a coup against ROOSEVELT. WE hear this OATH is known as the "NASI" oath, likely meaning the NAZI OATH,  but we are unsure of the spelling. This is a job for STORY.
The Security Personel did arrive over night and were not brought here by Q. Possession must be obtained for them to perform their function. More confrontation is now underway between the "sides", i.e. "factions" with BUSH and the QUEEN being the primary and current opposition. Obama is his puppet. SENIOR was with CLINTON (Bill) on the West Coast this past week and will be with OBAMA in Texas this week. He is the puppeteer.
WE now await further developments and will report again when possible.
                    casper   10-12-09  #1
P.S. Word just arrived saying the Queen is no longer in possession of the packs. WE hear "she had no choice".
P.P.S. GUESSWORK FOLLOWS: Somehow the Queen, WE hear, is related to the Rothschild's (as is Barbara Bush) AND, going back to the early 30's, the "CHURCH" (and therefore the QUEEN??) was sympathetic to the NAZI'S, which also involved the MONARCHY. WE also hear the VATICAN had somehow obtained control of the MONARCHY hundreds of years prior. This stuff is above OUR heads and is mentioned here as a "tip" to those such as "S" and/or STORY and/or WHISTLEBLOWER who may or may not wish to comment and/or educate us ignorant "subjects".