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The status of things tonight is beyond intense, beyond remarkable and approaches "unbelievable". Nevertheless what follows is true.
The "Blocking Scams" being provided by The Dragon Lady and Ying were OBAMA/BUSH'S last line of defense. Once this last ditch effort to stop deliveries was discovered and foiled BUSH and OBAMA basically went BERSERK. They have threatened the lives of every person involved in getting the deliveries and announcements made including the carrier personnel and the recipients themselves. In their current state of desperation the threats have become so severe that a decision was made today not to proceed with delivery of the Trigger Packs tonight as planned.
Instead, "our side" is responding in kind and have ordered ARMED Security Personnel into the U.S. overnight and rescheduled deliveries for tomorrow. The World Court is also sending additional Security Personnel tonight. By morning between 1500 and 1700 Personnel will be here and be in place to protect deliveries and recipients of the Trigger Packs. Many have already arrived. Their orders are to "do what you have to do" to stop any interference with deliveries tomorrow. BUSH and OBAMA have received their final warnings from our side as to what will happen to them if they interfere in any way. Try to understand the difficulty in dealing with these CRIMINALS so long as the CORPORATION was in place. Deliveries lead to Announcements which leads to Exposures including the Suitcase which leads to arrest so they have been desperate to stop the first step which is delivery of the Trigger Packs. Once these steps have been successfully completed the CORPORATION SHIELD these CRIMINALS have hidden behind will no longer be there to protect them from the consequences of their out of control CRIMINAL behavior.
The SUITCASE will be opened WE are advised. It does include 9-11 WE are advised.
OBAMA and BUSH have always relied on threats and intimidation and it has always worked to some extent. Not this time. They have been told they will have to "take their medicine" like all CROOKS eventually do.
Having failed this time to intimidate those on our side, the carriers, etc. BUSH is tonight trying to "make a deal". He will not stop deliveries, he will not follow through with his threats if our side will not open the Suitcase. "No deals" he was told.
In CHINA names like LEE and WU are like SMITH and JONES in America. Dragon Lady WU and her sidekick YING, a man WE called friend for years, have now been picked up by Chinese Security Forces and are enroute back to China. WE are advised neither will ever again see the light of day.
WE wish there was some way to count and report the number of lives destroyed by their association with The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse,  BUSH, CLINTON, BUSH and OBAMA.
There is a big wind blowing friends. Hold onto your hats.
                  casper   10-11-09   #3