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Among those arriving late last week for the top secret meetings the purpose of which was to overcome the opposition and get the deliveries done, was "the Dragon Lady", leader of one or more factions of "The Ming". This was "music to our ears" as WE have known that "The Ming" has been on "our side" for years. But remember, in every aspect of our funding, in every organization and country, there are those who want it done and those who do not, making reporting and understanding very difficult.
It turns out that this supposed ally has been working against us all along and working with BUSH, CLINTON & OBAMA as she would be implicated in the funds being embezzled from Treasury.
She stopped deliveries Thursday claiming "carrier problems" which was a lie.
She stopped deliveries Friday claiming she was "entrapping" two bad guys, Obama and China's own "little big man", the "dead one", YING. That too was a lie.
 She again stopped deliveries yesterday. These excuses were "pre-planned" and all of them involved YING and all of them were designed to stop not aid deliveries.
Saturday she claimed 50 packs were "on the ground" and being delivered by her own security personnel, another lie. She was at first attempting to convince the other countries, which are also here, to accept that deliveries were underway then second, to convince the other countries deliveries were blocked so they would get discouraged and go home. She is fully aligned with the opposition trying to stop deliveries, announcements and exposures as she has had her "hand in the till" along with the others.
The other countries and other players did not leave and currently have control of the packages therefore WE still expect deliveries to occur literally at any time.
                       casper  10-11-09
P.S. More to come regarding "The Dragon Lady".