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OBAMA and #41, #42 and #43 have been under intense investigation for some time. Today reams and reams and piles and piles of documents were shown to him providing irrefutable proof of their corruption on a scale hardly imaginable. It was so bad OBAMA left the room and was spotted walking the Whitehouse grounds.
Mid day reports of 27T missing from Treasury were increased to 38T late in the day. Obama is said to have gone stark raving mad in meetings which are continuing tonight.  He has threatened each of us with "elimination" if we access a package. He says this is his country, we and the packs belong to him and he will run things as he sees fit and ordered all present to get out of his country. He says these packages will never be delivered as long as he is alive. Late in the day we were hearing the "Suitcase" was being opened at that time apparently in the meetings. WE sometimes say "things couldn't get more intense" only to be surprised by what happens next. Things have never been more intense than they are right this minute. WE are holding back, not telling everything regarding the unbelievable threats he is making up there tonight. It would make your skin crawl. WE have known about this man's craziness for a long time and we have not been bashful about reporting what you may have viewed as political commentary or exaggeration. WE were not exaggerating then and it is far worse than we have ever reported before. A rabid dog has been cornered.
As you already know the media has been bribed, threatened and ordered by Obama not to report any part of what is really going on. There are ways to bring pressure upon them and that is being done. WE hear it is possible there might be a media surprise even tonight.
Our side is not backing down. He has been told the deliveries will occur and the announcements and exposures will also occur.
Finally, the world appears to have had enough of the corruption coming from the Corporate Criminals in D.C.. A fight of enormous proportions and import is ongoing as we speak. Keep your eyes and ears wide open.
                 casper   10-8-09   #2